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Hey guys,

I've been reading some rumors that westside guys have been straying away from good mornings somewhat in their max effort squat training. Which exercises replace these then?



They use them for supplemental lifts sometimes. Basically they recplaced them with more deadlifts in squats. A lot of the older guys have basically combined the de and me days into one and work up to a heavy single on box squats every week and do lighter accessory work in place of me. Check out some training logs online to get a better idea how they are using them.




Actually what I hear is that they have gotten too strong at doing GM's, to the point that you can risk serious injury by doing GM's with 500 to 600 lbs.


Also, most people's form goes to shit the closer the get to a 1RM. Why work up to 1RM GM when, once you get there, all you're doing is a 1/4 squat anyway? You'll get better benefit from the exercise if you stay in the 3-6 rep range and keep stricter form.


In a Jim Wendler Article, he did mention members of Westside stopped using GM as ME exerciese. IMO however, this should not concern you as long as you're not lifting 400 lbs + in GM.


Good point, westside is great


I have read that the GM is more of a preparatory exercise, and the guys at westside have stopped doing them, as a ME exercise, because their training has evolved. Should everyone stop doing them? If you total 2500 I guess you can. I know I don't. So I'll keep them as a second exercise.