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West Side for this Skinny Bastard

Well, I’m not really a skinny bastard at 5’11" 205lbs with about 10% BF but I’ve only been lifting (again) for about two years. I’ve tried 5/3/1 for a while and I keep running into a wall with certain lifts no matter how much I reset and how light I start. Don’t get me wrong, 5/3/1 is a good method and I would recommend it to anybody but I need a change.

Diet-wise I’ve been working with John Meadows and I’ve been working specifically on dropping bodyfat. I’ve had great results so far and I’ve actually hit some lifting PR’s along the way.

I will be lifting Sun (Upper Body Max Effort), Mon (Lower Body Dynamic Effort), Wed (Upper Body Dynamic Effort), and Thu (Lower Body Max Effort.

Starting Stats (1RM):

  • Back Squat 335lbs
  • Deadlift (Sumo): 340lbs
  • Bench Press: 265lbs

Sun 3/18/12: Upper Body Max Effort: I felt going into the gym today, had a somewhat overfeed with sushi yesterday and weighed-in at 209lbs (+4lbs). :frowning: Oh well…

A. Main Lift: Close-Grip Bench Press @ 225lbs for 3-reps. I started my warm-up with the bar as it takes me a bit to feel really warmed-up. It felt pretty good and just needed a lift-off from my partner to unrack the weight on the last set.

B. DB Flat Bench @ 60lbs for 20 and 18 reps. I really don’t like DB Benching because it seems to mess with my shoulder a bit. Has anybody tried WS4SB3 and used a BB Bench for the 2nd lift?

C. DB Rows + Chin-ups: Yes, Chin-ups aren’t on the list for part C but I like doing Chin-ups as often as I can do them, don’t think this is too big of a sin.

D. Traps: DB Shrugs @ 70lbs

E. Hammer Strength Curls @ 55lbs: I’ve really come to like this machine even more than doing standard Preacher Curls.