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Just got back from Bootcamp, and I am set to preach the words of Brother Staley and his band of merry men.
I know Apayne is down here. So is invinciblehero. Anyone else interested in getting filthy with some real men workouts? Maybe set up a weekend 'odd object' lifting session? I have access to a machine and welding shop and can make a sled. No beer / grocery / liquor store seems to sell used kegs (unlike Gainesville, where you could buy a keg of Natty Light at the local Barnes and Noble), but I am sure we will be able to rastle one up some where. I know Coach Henkin sells those sweet sandbags. . . Pretty soon, we could have a cool circuit thing going on for saturdays. . . anyone in the area interested?


jodgey this sounds way cool but unfortunately I can't jump in just yet got too much going on during the weekends right now BTW I'm in Coral Springs but work in Boca.


I guess, keep me posted.

Anyone else?