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West Palm/Boca/Delray Nightlife

Let’s hear it, all you Florida T-folk.

What’s hot in West Palm and Boca Raton?

I said nightlife but in reality it could be anytime life. Cool things to do, cheap bars, good food, and I know someone is going to mention strip clubs, so you might as well point us in the direction of the girls who are w/o moustaches and relatively disease free.

It will be 4-5 21-22 year olds on this expedition.

RIT Jared

Can I come? Please! I need a vacation from this rain/snow/freezing rain/shit your pants everytime you drive somewhere weather.

(and some strippers would be nice too)

Come on… I’ll take pictures so all you old geezers can live vicariously through us. Just throw me some bones please.

Clematis street is always good for night life … then there is always FT. laud beach and south beach… they are not that far fron west palm

We’ll actually be staying between Boca and Delray, so Lauderdale is just about the same distance as West Palm, I think.

PM me, from the sounds of it you’ll be staying right in the area I live in. I can definitely point you in the right direction. When are you gonna be down?

nice, thanks.

WEll, I work in an engineering firm here in palm beach, loaded with a bunch of single nerds who have too much money to buy titties with. In the WPB area,
there is a strip club called ‘Tease’ that everyone talks about. Apparently, if you go for the B-listers, good looking but not walking wet dreams, you can easily get them to take you to the champaign room.
‘Racheals’ is the high end strip club, $$, and no hard core action, but the ladies are REALLY hot.
Also, I have heard ‘the landing strip’ at the PBI airport is filled with skanks dying to stroke you off for $5. An extra $2, and she’ll lick her fingers.
Again, this is heresay. (My mortgage wont allow me to hit up the strip clubs.) So, ask around, but that is what I hear around the office.

As far as bars and such. In Palm Beach, there is an road called Clematis Street. It is where all teh clubs / bars are. Bradley’s seems to be the hands on favorite. It is an open bar on the water. Really cool vibe. Also a club called fluid or flow or something viscuous. More of a hip / hop techno club, if you are into grinding on drunk, x’d up sluttys.
There is also a place called City Place. It has an Improv and a really good bar called Blue Martini’s. BM is a little expensive, but really cool scene.

I went to Ft Lauderdale last weekend and stayed on the beach. It was like Spring Break out there. Ladies strewn across the beach for the 5 miles I was driving along A1A. If you go to Lauderdale, hit up Riverwalk. It is the club district. good stuff.

Not too much north of WPB.

Not too sure about Boca.

PS – apayne, we need to meet up sometime. ‘Invinciblehero’ and I were thinking of getting some strongman stuff going on the weekends (tire flips, sled dragging, keg tosses, etc). Unfortunately, I am moving to Tennessee for 3 months, so we’ll have to wait until April.

Sign this guy up for poster of the week!

Jodgey, that would be cool, but it would have to be sporadic for me because I have rugby games on the weekends.
Went to City Place and Clematis Fri. night. Blue Martini was expensive but a ton of hot bitches, plus my boy knew the door man so no line and no cover. Then we went to a club there called Resort? However, we had drama immediately and left. Went over to Bradlee’s which is usually money, but by then it was late and not much left but the skanks. I did go hoggin a little and danced with a couple ladies but fortunately went home alone.