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West Coast Vixen Diablo!


I want this for my birthday!!!


Oh man. Babes (especially looking like you do) on bikes...

Where's the smelling salts?


Looks fun!


Sooooooooo nice!
Want to touch the hinnie!?


You're getting paintball and a BBQ. I think that's enough.


I'll buy it for you.

Okay, I'm lying. But for that one short momment, you had very positive thoughts of me running through your head. I have succeeded.



Sweet Bike...
Yeah, Joel, even I for a split second said, "Solo, who."


How bout this one?


My hubby bought me this shirt. He doesn't understand why I won't wear it to the gym...
E~ I'm sure most of the guys on the forum are wishing they could buy you that bike as visions of you riding it are all going through their heads. :slight_smile:
Happy early Birthday and Hope you get your bike!!


Hell yeah.


Hey guys! That little top Solo's girl has on actually says something! It takes about 10 minutes of staring to see it, though. Look closely.


Sorry, I have a 19 inch screen and forgot it would be harder to read on a smaller screen. The shirt says "West Coast Choppers".


Oh, the picture is quite large enough.


No problem its on its way :wink:


Oh, lord. That's the sexiest thing I've laid eyes on today. Wow.


And I'm not talking about the bike.


God is smiling on me today.

I got a great parking spot and now this.


Hey you did not ask permission to put those up.


Solo...I forgot what I was going to say something about a nice shirt or something...where am I? :wink: