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West Coast America Trip


I am starting to plan a trip to the West coast of the states for some time later in the year , (depending or flight prices etc) and i am thinking of doing about 2 weeks out on the west .or coast in and around LA but i am open to suggestions i was looking for ideas/places to go that is different from the usual tourist type places.

does any one have any ideas or suggestions as to places i should go or gyms that i should visit and train in (or all the gyms mostly the same? )

any help would be greatly appreciated


If you are in the LA area, you might consider working out at the Gold's Gym Mecca, where much of it started for Arnold and his ilk back in the days. I have never seen a gym so stacked with anything and everything. Very inspiring to be in, on any given day, you can see some very impressive physiques both male and female.


The L.A. area is huge and includes everything from beach to mountains. You need to hit the tourist spots like Venice Beach and Hollywood because that's part of what makes that area unique. I would rent a car and take a day drive up Hwy 1 and past Santa Barbara. You could head out early in the morning and make your way back that night and see some really pretty scenery.

I would head up into the mountains too (Lake Arrowhead is right there) and maybe even head down to Palm Springs (Palms to Pines is a great road that starts in the pine trees and ends up in Palm Springs. That can be done in a day and gives you another perspective of the area. SoCal is such a varied place and it isn't all beach (although it can be if you want it to be).

There's a lot of variation in gyms and even amongst the chains. If you know where you're staying we could probably give you specific examples of where to try.



I thought LA sucked for the most part, much prefer San Diego.


That's a really broad statement though. I love SD (it's where I live) but SD is pretty big and I wouldn't want to live just anywhere here. That's how L.A. is too. Frankly most people consider the entire region from Orange County north to be L.A. and that's just not the case. There's some great stuff to see in L.A.



I thought everyone went to Oakland?