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West Cary Barbell Purchase


For those in the market for a swiss bar/neutral grip bar.....

Picked up a neutral grip bar (swiss bar) from West Cary Barbell (www.westcarybarbell.com) and couldn't be happier with it or the whole experience. As someone stated on my previous post the bar is built like a tank.

1) Price was $260 including shipping. The bar even came with custom (lacking a better word) made collars that retail on the site for $25. Comparable bars were priced at $320 coming out of Elite or Williams Strength and didn't include collars.

2) Shipped to me in 2, yes 2, days. Ordered on Monday at 12EST and received on Wed before 12EST. Couldn't believe it came that quick as Elite was saying 1-2 weeks for shipping and Williams Strength was saying 4-6 weeks. For 2 day shipping it would have cost an extra $50 from Williams Strength, no such option for Elite.

3) No sales tax for me being out of state. Only a benefit for Ohio residents as anything I would have purchased from Elite also gets tagged with OH taxes.

Much like Legend Fitness, I will be adding West Cary Barbell to my list of recommended equipment suppliers for future purchases. Top of the line quality at very reasonable prices.


Tom trained at my garage gym last summer and he brought his Swiss bar with him. I got the chance to lift with it and I must say it was an awesome piece of equipment. If I had more room to store stuff I would definitely buy one. He showed some of the other cool stuff that I have put on the wish list.


The really amazing thing is that Tom put together your order 3 days after having hernia surgery!


I knew the customer service was good, now I see just how good.


Thanks 74. :slight_smile:
You can always get bar, plate, bumpers, dumbbell quotes from Legend too.



check out the westcarybarbell . com site, they're a Legend dealer too.