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Werner Gunthor's Training Film


The Whole thing is in 4 parts. It's all in French.

Lots of what I guess you would call the contrast method.
He's doing Jump Squats, drops the bar, then does hurdles.
He Benches 500 pounds for reps, then thows the shot.

So if you like watching jacked guys in wearing mullets, mustaches, and ridiculous outfits while they throw, jump, and lift heavy weights then just sit back and enjoy.


the kangaroo hops are rediculous


His jumping abitlity is unreal. If I remember correctly, he is 6'5" and about 280 lb.



At this stage I think he is still the only Austrian to win a world title in T & F.

Competed against Timmerman the WR holder at the time and best glider ever and Beyer who was multiple WR breaker and OG champ, and also awesomely strong.

All these guys moved very athletically for very, very strong men.


Its a classic vid.

Particularly impressive how smooth his jumping is, didn't realise he was that heavy.

Then again his sucess could have purely been down to the mullet which everyone knows guarantees a place in heaven.


That depends what kinda mullet we're talkin about here.



If you have a mid sized mullet like themulletofdeath for 7+ years straight or at any point in your life grow a full mullet like no.52: speeddealermullet ye shall sit at the right hand of God, walk the Elysian fields and train at the weightroom of Valhalla where 12 naked virgins will spot you and provide unlimited Surge workout fuel.