Wered Ab Exercises

What is the exercise?

Lay down on a flat sit up board, reach over your head, grasp the edge of the board. Raise your legs with knees bent so your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Press your low back hard to the bench. you wont know it right at first but the only muscles that can press your low back to the bench is the lower abs
Next, let the pelvis roll forward so the back arches. Keep the legs in the same position. Continue the rocking of the pelvis back and forth. You don’t need to move the legs at all.
As you get stronger, extend the legs out a little while you are doing this pelvic rock. This will add weight to the exercise.

Got this from a training manual and tried it, a bit funky but the lower abs were worked with out the hip flexors getting too involved.
Any one else tried this one?


any One?