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Were you more successful with women during or after college?

Options, please choose from the following:
1- Yes, Im more successful after college
2- No, I was more successful during college
3 There is no difference between during and after.

A combination of 1 and 2. But sometimes 3.

Dear God, I hope that it’s going to be number 1, because otherwise I’m screwed. Rather, I’ll never be screwed.

Well, at least middle-aged women think I’m hot…

Option 3: Never went to College, joined the military and went to Germany. Doubled my totals, Yeah ok, so one I met and paid for the other…

If you’re not a “player” then you have a lot better chance of meeting girls at school. It’s just a numbers thing. Each class has between 40 and 200 new people. Outside of school, the numbers just aren’t there. You can’t date at work (well, unless you’re really lucky/good).

what about high school? i found it easier it high shcool to meet girls than now that i’m in college.

I met my wife during my sophomore year at Auburn and have been succesful ever since.

I have been more successful after college – probably because I drank too much and didn’t know squat about working out in college.

Aaahh…the ladies of the SEC! (Are there ANY cuter? I think not…!)

They were scanning the crowd and sidelines at the SEC Championship Game Saturday…and the Lion was in heaven…!

Nothing like a Southern Cutie, huh Thunder?