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Were has all the Tren Gone?

I usually home brew Fina but I cannot find any Finaplix H anymore, anybody know what happened?

The easy brews are gone. Theyre are many Cattle implants still availiable that are just a little more difficult to convert. Almost all of them now have more estradial in them. Although depending how long ago your talking about, access to Tren in general is much more difficult. It also seems Tren is the one thing that powder sources cheat us on, so its a double whammy of suck :frowning:

Try Revalor-H, conversion is much more time intensive, but the Tren is unreal. Alot of people phone a farmer, not a vet, and buy a handful of pellets spread across a couple farms. Just say youre looking for heifer pellets. Thats a ballsy approach, but for personal use it will be more than enough.


I was under the impression you could order the heifer pellets from a farm supply store. or is that just in the US? (or am I just completely off track?)

^ Yeah need ID, proof of agricultural land ownership and a few other things I believe. It may just be more tightly controlled the further you get outside dairy country.

Quick search and I found them on Amazon (USA) site.

POST LINK :prepares Visa card and mad scientist kit:

Gahh tried a couple sites: got same cut and paste response twice:

Unfortunately, we do not have a definite ETA for the return of the
Finaplex-H due to the new FDA regulations that are being sent out. Once we
do have that information, there will be a mass email sent to all of our
customers regarding all of the new regulations and costs.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can help you with,

Thank you,

Unfortunately, that is on a long-term back order and we currently do not have an expected date of when that will be available. Apparently, the manufacturer has temporarily stopped producing that item. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Guess all the Fina has gone :frowning:

^ This makes me sad :frowning:

Says in stock now