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The nip would like it to be known that it’s survived.


Week 3 3.0 Wednesday on Friday

Deadlift 130kg x 5, 140kg x 5, 160 x 3 and fail, x1, x1
Squat, 30x120kg, 25x130kg, 15x140, 10x150,10x160, 7x170 // slay
OHPs 85kg, 3x10, 4x5, // an ocean of pain
DBRs 2x12, x63, x50 total 113
Pull ups 2x10 and fuck it


Week 3 3.0 Friday on Wednesday // YES, YES I KNOW

Squats, 22 x 140kg // come at me
Press, 85x5, 95x5, 105x5 // caught the bar in the rack on the first rep of the 95kg but saved it
Hang cleans, 25x50, 15x60, 10x70, 2x8. 3x5 @ 75kg
Pull ups 5x10 total 50


New thing I’ve noticed on this program. The girlf has developed a new move - grabbing my biceps or delts with both hands

Actual quote: “mmm…I love your arms, they’re getting really strong…that’s kind of gendered, though”


Week 1 4.0. Monday on Monday
Squats 3x5 120, 140, 160kg
Press 20x60, 15x70, 10x80, 3x90, 4x100
Hang cleans, 60kg, 1x25, 1x24 total 49 // a tiny bit of progress
Curls with 25kg core bag, 1x48, 1x40 total 88 // klaxon
Pull ups 3x10


Managed to fit this in like 35 minutes


Week 1 4.0 Wednesday on Wednesday
Deadlifts 5x120kg, 5x140kg, 5x160kg
Squats 20x120kg, 15x130, 15x140, 10x150, 10x160, 8x170.
Press 80kg, 5x10 total 50
DB Rows. One arm. 24kgx50. Other arm. // I learned how to do these properly. Now to add more weight
Pull ups 3x10


Posting over VPN because Vodafone UK is doing something evil to T-Nation’s SSL certs. Wut?


Week 3 4.0
Friday on Friday
Cleans, 20x60, 10x70, 2x80, 2x5 at 75 and FAYLE. // I think I blew too much energy on the first couple of sets…
Pull ups 5x10
Squats 135kg 36x
Press 3x5 80/90/100kg
Done in 33 minutes.
Notes: I felt fucking tired doing this, and last night’s dance class was a bit lacklustre too…that Wednesday workout is a beast in the heavy weeks


Week 2 4.0 Monday on Wednesday

Squats 130/140/150kg 3x5
Press 20x60kg, 15x70kg, 10x80kg, 9x90kg, 3x100kg
Hang cleans 55kg 1x31 1x25 total 56
25kg corebag curls 1x71 1x50 total 121

Thinking about this I’ve had two bad experiences with ballet teachers in two weeks (getting cut and getting yelled at) and I think maaybe 95% week followed by 90% week had something to do with it. my lower back/hips felt tired doing this even after a couple of days off. that’s what deload week is for!


OK so this has been weak lately (although ballet teacher did tell me “you’re no longer one of my lost causes” on Sunday. dancers do the best back-handed compliments).

Rebooting Week 2 4.0 with Monday on Friday:

Squats 130/140/150 3x5
Press 20x60, 15x70, 12x80, 10x90, 4x100
Hang cleans 55kg, 1x26 1x26 total 52
25kg corebag curls 1x69 1x58 total 127
Carter chest workout - DB bench press, 2x30kg x8, 2x26kg x15 2x24kg x25, got 22.


Week 2 4.0 - Wednesday on Saturday

Squats 25x120, 20x130, 15x140, 12x150, 8x160, 10x170 // klax. guy waiting for the rack stared throughout the last few sets. so did his adoring gf.

DB row, 1x50 each side, 30kg DB, total 100. sweaty.

Deadlifts 3x5, 115, 130, 150kg.

Press, 80kg 5x10.


Friday on Saturday week 2 4.0
Been travelling this week although I did take class on Tuesday. Asked teacher for more feedback. She said nothing throughout and just said I did really well…which is good?

Squats. 125kg x 40 // klaxon. Very odd feeling a pump in the hammies and…dammit…the arse.
Press, 3x5, 65/75/85kg.
Hang cleans 20x55, 15x60, 10x70, 9x75, 2x80, 3x5 @ 75. This is beginning to improve a bit

Got out of there 'cos I’m in a hurru


Monday on Thursday week 3 4.0
Squats 130x5, 150x5, 170x5
Press, 20x60, 15x70, 10x80, 5x90, 3x100
Hang cleans 60kg, 1x30, 1x27 total 57
Curls with 25kg core bag, 1x61, 1x50odd total 111
Pullups 3x10


Wednesday on Friday week 3 4.0
Squats: 30x120, 20x130, 15x140, 12x150, 8x160, 10x170
OHP 85kg, 3x9, 1x7, 3x5 total 50
DBRs 30kg 1x50 each side
Deadlifts 5x130, 2x150 FAIL
Pullups 3x10

Saturday - walking about really
Today - ballet class, involving that thing where you do a turn in 4th and then lunge onto the floor.




Friday on Tuesday Week 3 4.0
Pull-ups 5x10 total 50
Hang cleans 30x50kg, 20x60kg, 12x70kg, 3x80kg, 3x5 75kg // reps are coming up but I worry about the break point north of 70kg. also wanted to do some high pulls after this but it wasn’t happening
Press 5x85kg, 5x95kg, 3x100kg
Carter chest workout - DB bench press 2x34kg DBs, 1x8, 2x30kg 1x15, 2x24kg 1x25. quite pleased with how the heavy and medium set in this are coming up. also with the pump.



Let’s test big compound lifts.

Squats 10x140kg, 5x160kg, 5x170kg, 4x180kg, 1x185kg // 185*2.2 = 407. 400lb squat klaxon. I’ve been looking for that for so long. Better, I think there was a second rep or maaybe another 5kg in it.

Press. 5x80kg, 5x90, 3x100, 2x110kg.

Conventional bench press. 5x80kg, 5x90kg, 3x100kg, 2x110kg // damn those Carter mini-workouts with the big DBs are awesome. want to do more of that.

Deadlift 5x130kg, 3x150kg, 1x160kg, 170kg fail.


wait for it…

…1,001lb total! yes yes yes.

(and the 3x10 pullups to straighten out the back. of course).


I got a 1k total I got a 1k total I got a 1k total


Impressive numbers here!

Your squat is pretty high compared to your deadlift, that’s intesresting. How do you explain it ?

Also how much do you weigh ?