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Wednesday on Tuesday. Week 1 2.0

Carter chest workout. 2x28kg, 8 reps DB press, 2x26kg, 15 reps, 2x24kg, 25reps. All weights up another 2kg.

Deadlift. 5x70%, 120kg. (forgot to add 5). 5x80% + 5, 130kg. 5x 90% + 5, 140kg
Squats. 20x120kg, 13x130kg, 10x140kg, 5x150kg, 3x160kg, 9x165kg.
Pull ups, 3x10
Press, 50reps x 80kg. Did 5x8 then 2x5


Hang cleans. 20x50, 16x60, 8x70, 2x80, 1x90. 3x5, 75kg
Squats, 125kg, 25reps
OHPs, 3x5, 80/85/90kg
Pull ups, 3x10, 2x5, 2x4, 1x2, total 50


Curls w/22kg corebag, 1x70, 1x60, total 130
Squats, 5x120kg, 5x130kg, 5x150kg
Press, 20x60, 10x70, 8x80, 5x90, 3x100
Hang cleans, 50kg. 1x40, 1x30. Total 70 reps
Pull ups, 3x10


Squats, 25x120kg, 18x130kg, 10x140kg, 8x150kg, 13x160kg
Press, 70kg, 5x10 total 50
Deadlifts, 110kg x5, 120kg x5, 140kg x5
DB rows, 2x12kg, 1x60, 1x40,total 100
Pull ups, 3x10


Belated Friday, week 2.

Usual warmup.
Hang cleans, 30x50kg, 15x60kg, 8x70kg, 3x80, 1x90. 3x5 70kg
Squats, 28 reps at 125kg.
Press, 3x5, 80/85/90kg (these felt strong as hell)
Pullups, 2x5, 3x10, 2x5, total 50.
Carter chest: 2x28kg DB bench press, 8 reps, 2x26kg, 15 reps, 2x24kg.


Monday, on Saturday, week 3 + 5kg
Squats, 5x135kg, 5x150kg, 5x165kg
OHPs, 15x60kg, 10x70kg, 5x80, 2x90, 4x100 progress klaxon I think I could have squeezed another rep too
Pull ups, 3x10. These were strong!
Hang cleans, 65kg, 1x32, 1x10 total 42 reps. Also dropped the barbell and it bounced into my shins. Fuck.
Curls with the 22kg corebag, 1x50,1x30,1x20,1x15. Total 115
Carter chest: 8x28, 15x26, 22x24 and FAYLE


Wednesday on Monday, week 3 +5kg
Deadlifts, 5x125kg, 5x135kg, 4x150kg…fail
Hanging about waiting for the rack
DBRs, 2x12kg, 1x63, 1x30, 1x10 total 103
DB bench press Carter workout. 2x28kg DBs, x8, 2x26 x15, 2x24 x25
Squats, 25x120kg, 15x130, 8x140, 4x150, 10x160kg
OHPs, 50 reps @ 85kg. Did this in sets of 7, the last four in 5s. Really tough for some reason


Fun log. With your squat strength, you should clean a lot more weight. I’d watch some videos and work on it. Also, high rep olympic lifting is kind of a dangerous road to travel, even with the light weight.


Most of the times this program wants them, it’s shooting for masses of reps. But yes; I should probably think harder about the form as it’s a movement I didn’t previously train. I did enjoy snatch grip high pulls a lot in my previous log


IIRC a T-Nation article about hang cleans but I can’t find it?


If you just google hang clean technique - there are lots of good videos.


OK so this looks good: https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/how-to-hang-clean-the-only-3-things-you-need-to-know


Much delayed Friday on Monday, week 3 +5.

Squats, 135kg, 30 reps YAAAS
OHPs 5x85kg, 5x95kg, 4x105kg (sniff sniff about the missed rep but lower back complaining a bit…then I went back and fetched it. Ha)
Hang cleans. Trying out new, proper form here and turned into a disaster. 15x50, 12x60, 8x70,4x80,fail at 90. Work sets 3x5 @ 80 were a mess. I think I will need to take some time to sort out form and back off a bit. Fortunately next week is a relatively light week in the programme
Carter chest workout, DB bench press, 2x28 8 reps, 2x26 15 reps, 2x 24 25 reps
Pull-ups 50x. Did these as 5x10, which I like a lot


Week 1 3.0. Monday on Monday

22kg core bag, curls, 1x80, 1x40 total120
Pull ups 3x10
Hang cleans. Max reps 2 sets at 70%. Tried 60kg with new technique tips. Got 22reps then 19 total 41. That said, doing it properly is almost a cardio challenge
Squats. 3x5. 125kg, 140kg, 160kg
Press. 20x60kg, 20x70kg, 9x80kg,3x90,4x100

Done in 38 minutes.


Wednesday on Wednesday. Funny how that happens.

Press, 80kg, 50 reps. Got this in 5x10 although maybe having to work around someone else helped:-)
Deadlift, 5x125kg, 5x135kg, 5x145kg. I think I even enjoyed this a bit.
Squat. 28x120kg, 19x130kg, 15x140kg, 8x150kg, 6x160kg. I should have backed off a bit to leave more for the final 90% TM set. Also the weight felt off centre for some reason?
DB rows, 2x12. 1x70 reps, 1x52 reps, total 122.
Pull-ups 3x10.


Friday on Friday. Hang cleans 20x50, 16x60, 9x70, 2x80 and bar into the groin, 1x85, fail. 3 messy work sets, 75kg x5.
Carter chest workout. DB bench press, 2x30kg x 8, 2x28 kg x 15, 2x26kg x 25. Failed on the 22nd rep. I knew the 30 and the 28 were there (progress!), not sure about 26.
Squats, 30 reps at 130kg. :like:
Pull ups, 4x10, 2x5, total 50
OHPs 5x70kg, 5x80kg, 5x100kg


Week 2 3.0 Monday on Friday due to travelling

Squats 5x 115, 135, 145kg
OHPs 20x60kg, 10x70kg, 10x80kg, 7x90kg, 5x100kg. Got that one more rep
Curls with the 22kg corebag, 1x60, 1x40 boo hiss
Hang cleans, 55kg. 1x30, 1x13 total 43
No energy today…


Week 2 3.0 Wednesday on Tuesday

Squats 25x120kg, 15x130kg, 10x140kg, 8x150kg, 10x160kg // progress klaxon
OHPs 5x10, 80kg, total 50
Deadlifts 115x5, 125x5, 140x5
Carter chest: DB bench press, 2x30kg, x8, 2x28kg, x15, 2x24kg x25

ran out to make a conference call, but in any case way better than Friday!


Week 2 3.0 Friday on Saturday
Squats, 125kg, 36 reps. // a bit of progress
Press, 5x75, 5x85, 5x95
DB bench press, 2x30kg x8, 2x28 x15, 2x26 x22 and fail. I think I cd add more on the first heavy set though
Hang cleans 20x50, 10x60, 8x70, 2 and fail 80. 3x5 75kg. // these are beginning to feel more grooved at the lower weights
Pull ups 3x10, 4x5, total 50


Week 3 3.0
Monday on Tuesday

Squats, 5x140kg, 5x160kg, 5x170kg. I’ve had a bit of a block about going over 160 as it’s where I once lost a bar over the back. Barrier broken!
Press, 23x60, 18x70, 10x80, 3x90, 3x100, 1x105 // progress klaxon iz klaxonin
Hang cleans, 60kg, 1x25, 1x18 total 43 // sucks
Curls with extra! 25kg corebag… 1x47, 1x33, total 80
DB press, 2x32kg x8, 2x26 x15, 2x24 x 25 and dropped one on my right nipple after the last rep. // progress on the heavy set. The nip, not so much