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We're Going to Be Needing This


With winter fast approaching, I figured some of you may appreciate this as a bookmark for a quick check.



That was fun for 5 mins.

Hell gives you Bothell, WA.
Fuck gives you Wrong Fucking Zip.


I feel sorry for you guys that have seasons


That was fucking great!


We feel sorry for you guys that don't. Wait, you have seasons, spring bloom and brown.


LOL, brutal as fuck, but awesome. Couldn't agree more. I personally love basically having 3/3/3/3 of all types of weather (although, to be fair, with Michigan and some other states it's more like 3 spring, 3 summer, 2 fall, and 5 winter, haha.)

It definitely makes you appreciate your seasons that much more.


I could use a little less winter. To be fair AZ has winter in the high country. Summer in Phoenix is brutal though.


I'm sure, and yes yes about less winter.

I've looked into some places like Oregon who, yes, are seasonal, but a little more tame during most months. Ah well, good ol' Michigan will have to do for now. :slight_smile:

(By the way, I've been late for school and work now already because I keep forgetting that my car is going to be a frost box when I get to it in the early morning, boo.)


The windshield washer fluid comes in handy for that. I had to drive the first 10 minutes of my commute this morning with the windows down because I couldn't see out of them for shit.

I like having seasons. I just hope that we don't get several feet of snow like we did last year. Large amounts of snow fucking sucks.


Seasons suck. I hate having to change up wardrobe every 6 months or whatever. The older I get the more I hate the cold. And I agree, Steel, that too much snow sucks.

If I could, I'd move to the Caribbean and enjoy hot weather all year.


Im in Tucson, the summers here are pretty brutal 95-110 pretty much day in and out, but its dry heat so i guess that's a plus. But the fall/winter/spring times are pretty awesome, today was 85. Except for the very early part of the mornings the winters here are usually around 60 degrees.


I'd probably be comfortable in the winters. My "optimal" temperature range is about 50-65, haha. Tough to get that a whole lot around here... :confused: