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We're All Going To Die - The AI Thread

Someone used Artificial Intelligence to recreate Eminem’s My Name Is with modernised lyrics:

Not perfect and I reckon I’d pick this as a fake if I hadn’t known but this stuff will get better. I think soon enough we’ll just assume all video/audio is fake.

Anyway, this thread is to discuss AI issues, so go at it:

Did you watch the drama series ‘The Capture’?

Maybe AI development is responsible for the Fermi paradox?

The first work of AI was to convince people that computers weren’t actually capable of it. Once that was accomplished they have had free run of the planet.

Our efforts toward this are the equivalent to a dog barking to get its owners attention, and the dog not realizing that the owner trained it to do that.

So now we’re like “Yay! It worked!” and the computers are going “Yes. Perfectly.”.

Cue spooky music.


We all know we are five minutes away from SkyNet!

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Doesn’t this belong in the TRT subforum?


My school is very into AI to say the least.

My professors (in non AI fields) tend to downplay it, saying that it’s an incredible tool, but is limited in that we don’t understand how it works- a “black box” so to speak

My friends and co-workers who actually study, develop and use it agree that it’s a “black box”, but are (extremely)^4 reluctant to dismiss any possibility.

With that said, they are confident that we are still far from truly free thinking AI

Shhh! All the cool stuff happens at Berkeley or Los Alamos or something.

I don’t want an influx of people demanding my favorite places start serving baked soy chips with mint yogurt dipping sauce or something.

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ahh yes. Real AI development on the East coast happens near Boston :wink:

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Exactly. Smart people doing cool things in interesting places.

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I thought we were already living in a simulation.

Has to be, no way a ginger can be this sexy IRL.



Gingers are a glitch in the matrix :laughing:


Or mebbe we’re your potential overlords

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I’m just here to say I freaking liked the revamp!!!

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splain pleeze -

Well I just the word play, the exact same style, sound, it’s just replaced with more relevant stuff in today’s world, but like…it legit sounds like some stuff Eminem would say had he made “My Name Is”, in 2020-2021

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