Werd2023s Weight Loss Journal, From Fat to Fit

So to introduce myself, im 30 year something man living in europe. I’ve been training on and off for more than 10 years. So suffice to say, fitness is one of my passions. But health issues, a shoulder injury life and everything else has keept me from achieveing my potential. I’ve always been overweight since my mid teens. And i’ve struggled to lose that weight and keep it off. I’ve lost it and regained it atleast 3 times. This is my 4th attempt, to reclaim my health, get rid of the excess weight, normalize my hormones and remove of the sources that has made my life difficult. My life is difficult and I have many obstacles that stand in the way, but i’m not letting that stop me. I’m writing this journal as a way to hold myself accountable and record my fat-loss progress. Any feedback is welcome.

Starting stats:
Weight: 230 lbs/105kg
Waist: 42.8 inches/108cm
Hips: 43 inches/109cm

Goal stats:
Weight: 178lbs/80kg
Waist: 34-32 inches/86-81cm

I’ll be updating this weekly, wish me luck guys. I hope by July that i’ll atleast have gotten close to more than half of the goal.


fifth time’s a charm

let’s go!


Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Getting into the routine of working out might help you overcome those obstacles even better.

I’m not sure what your workouts are like, but it’s often tempting for people interested in weight loss to spend a lot of their time doing cardio. But the weight will be so much easier to keep off when you build muscle. It’s counterintuitive, and I wish I’d learned that a long time ago. If muscle is already your focus, then you’ll be ahead of the game!

Keep us posted on how it’s going and drop some questions if you’re wanting specific feedback!


Thanks man! You’re gold

Atm, i’m doing a split between moderate cardio(30 mins on a stationary bike)+Weight lifting+Core work+Heavy bag and running. I Split my workout regimen between 3 days of weight lifting+moderate cardio, 2 days of 30-40min running on a treadmill and boxing on a heavy bag + core workouts . So far i haven’t had trouble putting on muscle(I have quite a bit of previous muscle adaptation). But losing fat has been a large issue. Partially because i’m on allergy medications(antihistamines), and partially because of my dysregulated sleep. I’m trying to find ways around it, and being more consistent with fixing my sleep. I’ve cut out junkfoods, added sugar, caffeine, and other poor habits like video games etc. But I feel like for the past 2 weeks i’ve not made much progress.