Wenzilla's First Training Log

Little about me. I’ve been exercising for about 3-4 years now, but never seriously weight training, and whenever I do try to get serious, college lifestyle slowed me down. I’ve always been very athletic, fast, explosive (considered walking on for high jump). However I party and drink. A lot. And I’ve been undereating for a long time.

Anyway, I just finished my master’s degree in exercise physiology. I was initially doing my PhD in exercise physiology, studying mainly the molecular pathways involved in disuse muscle atrophy in rats. However I realized I needed a job with more human interaction and got really interested in exercise training. So I finished my masters in Human Performance.

This is my first training log as I start a new chapter in my life.

Age: 24 years
Height: 5’ 11
Weight: 170 lb
Bodyfat %: ~5

Measurements: (in cm, relaxed unless otherwise noted)
Neck: 37
Shoulders: 120
Chest: 102
Biceps (flexed): 37,36
Upper arm: 32.5
Forearm: 28
Waist: 77
Hips: 98
Quad: 55
Calf: 34.5

I will start this log using the 5/3/1 program. I have an injured right shoulder and pain with internal rotation. I’m using a workaround by performing chinups instead of overhead presses, and I find I can perform BB floorpresses with flared elbows without pain.

Initial estimated numbers (conservative)

Floorpress: 205
Deadlift: 300
Chinup: 235
Squat: 250

There it is. I will update regularly with estimated 1rm, weight, bodycomp measurements. Every 3 months I will update bodypart circumference measurements.

(Will also try to post pictures if I ever get a digital camera)

Just to catch up to date over my last few weeks of training I will summarize in this post. Subsequent posts will be daily.

Date: 12/1/09
Deadlift: 8x240
Estimated 1RM: 303.9

Date: 12/3/09
Chinup: 5x200
Estimated 1RM: 233.3

Date: 12/4/09
Squat: 5x215
Estimated 1RM: 250.8

Date: 12/7/09
Floorpress: 7x185
Estimated 1RM: 228.1

Date: 12/8/09
Deadlift: 8x255
Estimated 1RM: 322.9
Prv estimated: 303.9

Date: 12/10/09
Chinup: 5x210
Estimated 1RM: 245
Prv estimated: 233.3

Date: 12/11/09
Squat: 5x230
Estimated 1RM: 268.3
Prv estimated: 250

Date: 12/14/09
Floorpress: 5x195
Estimated 1RM: 227.5
Prv estimated: 228.1

Date: 12/15/09
Deadlift: 6x285
Estimated 1RM: 341.9
Prv estimated: 322.9

Date: 12/17/09
Chinup: 5x225
Estimated 1RM: 262.5
Prv estimated: 245

Date: 12/19/09
Squat: 4x240
Estimated 1RM: 272
Prv estimated: 250.8

To Summarize: Cycle 1 (estimated 1rm)
Deadlift: 303.9—>341.9 +38
Chinup: 233.3—>262.5 +29.2
Squat: 250.8—>272 +21.2
Floorpress: 228.1—>227.5 No change

Next week is deload.

Date: 12/25/09
Benchpress: 8x180
Estimated 1RM: 228
Prv Estimated: 227.5
*Shoulder was feeling better so I did full ROM bench for the first time in months. I’ll stick with this rather than floorpress for now

Date: 12/26/09
Deadlift: 11x265
Estimated 1RM: 362.1
Prv Estimated: 341.9

Date: 12/27/09
Chinups: 7x205
Estimated 1RM: 254
Prv Estimated: 262.5

*This drop doesn’t bother me. My back always fatigues quickly (I can probably hit a 5RM with a range of 20-45 lb), so it’s natural that estimated 1RM numbers will be off. As long as I see progressive progress over time I am happy. All my asisstance lefts felt stronger this week though.

Also worth noting, I am beginning to progressively ramp up my calorie intake, as I have noted I have had poor nutrition and probably hypocaloric for a long time. I plan on adding 200-500 cal/day for the next couple weeks till I’m hitting around 3200-3800 cals per day.

Date: 12/29/09
Squats: 8x225
Estimated 1RM: 284.9
Prv Estimated: 272

Felt solid and powerful on my squats today, definitely felt like I dominated the reps and didn’t feel crushed under the bar or struggling. Pussed out on my assistance work ab circuit today and only went through it once, oh well.

Date: 1/4/10
Benchpress: 7x190
Estimated 1RM: 234.3
Prv Estimated: 228

First workout of 2010! Today Felt great! After an elongated break bc of hectic holiday shcedule, I’m back on starting my training weeks on Mon. It feels good to bench again, my shoulder is feeling better. I hit 7x190 today easily and it felt much better than 8x180 last week, even with a significant spot last week. This marks the first significant gain in my pushing performance since I’ve started lifting. Here’s to hoping the rest of my training week is as good as today, and a productive year to come

Date: 1/5/10
Deadlift: 10x280
Estimated 1RM: 373.2
Prv Estimated: 362.1

Another solid deadlift day. Not too much more to say. My form may have been a bit spotty with a rounded back the last few reps, but it was a max effort so it happens. I had to put the weight down twice during the set for a second or two due to fatiguing grip.

Date: 1/7/10
Chinup: 6x218
Estimated 1RM: 261.1
Prv Estimated: 254

Weird chinup apparatus at the new gym. It’s just 2 little individual handles secured to the top of the squat rack, not an actual bar.

Date: 1/9/10
Squat: 10x235
Estimated 1RM: 313.3
Prv Estimated: 284.9

Benchpress: 6x200
Estimated 1RM: 240
Prv Estimated: 234.3

Had a spot today for the first time and I feel like he may have been helping me, though he says he wasn’t really even touching the bar. Kinda irks me. Oh well.

Deadlift: 10x295
Estimated 1RM: 393.3
Prv Estimated: 373.2

Another solid deadlift day. Deadlift seems to be the exercise that is progressing by far the best for me. All 10 reps felt solid.

Body Weight: 180

Chinup: 6x231
Estimated 1RM: 277.2
Prv Estimated: 261.6

Body Weight: 180

Squat: 9x250
Estimated 1RM: 324.9
Prv Estimated: 313.3

Squats felt strong and solid today. Felt hard at the beggining, then got my groove for a few reps in the middle, then busted out the last couple of reps. I think I may have been able to get one more.

To Summarize: Cycle 2 (estimated 1rm)
Benchpress: 227.5—>240 +12.5
Deadlift: 341.9—>393.2 +51.3
Chinup: 262.5—>277.2 +14.7
Squat: 272—>324.9 +52.9

To Summarize: 2 Cycles (estimated 1rm)
Benchpress: 228.1—>240 +11.9
Deadlift: 303.9—>393.2 +89.3
Chinup: 233.3—>277.2 +43.9
Squat: 250.8—>324.9 +74.1

Next week is deload.

Weight: 180 +10
Body Fat%: ~8 +3

Measurements: (in cm, relaxed unless otherwise noted)
Neck: 38 +1
Shoulders: 122.5 +2.5
Chest: 107.5 +5.5
Biceps (flexed): 38/37 +1
Upper arm: 33.5 +1
Forearm: +.5
Waist: 80 +3
Quad: 58.5 +3.5
Calf: 35 +.5

Benchpress: 9x185
Estimated 1RM: 240.4
Prv Estimated: 240

Haven’t actually benched with exactly 185 lb in a long time, and this is the best performance with that weight I can remember in a while. Was a little fast on the negatives and bounced the weight off my chest this week. Will try to control it better in the coming weeks.

Deadlift: 12x275
Estimated 1RM: 384.9
Prv Estimated: 393.2

Deadlift performance was solid as usual. This week was a bit rough. I felt like I had a few more reps in the tank but form was getting a little sloppy and didn’t want to jeopardize my lower back.

Push Press: 6x135
Estimated 1RM: 162

First time doing direct shoulder work in months. Was a bit of a off-the-fly workout that I got done in about 10-15 minutes. Shoulders felt a little uncomfortable and painful, but nothing too bad.

Chinups: 8x211
Estimated 1RM: 267.2
Prv Estimated: 277.2

Chinups felt good, got a good stretch at the bottom and high at the top. Almost fought through a 9th rep but didn’t quite make it.

Squat: 13x230
Estimated 1RM: 324.9
Prv Estimated: 329.6

Push Press: 7x155
Estimated 1RM: 191.1
Prv Estimated: 162