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Went to see W.

I went to see W. with my parents on Friday and man did It suck.I thought it would be really funny,just Google bush blunders but it sucked. It wasn’t funny at all and very boring. all you could think through the whole film was how pathetic is he.My parents both fell asleep during the movie and I almost did a couple of times.

I also saw the movie over the weekend and I agree, it was a piece of shit. I thought the character portrayals were well done – with the exception of Condoleezza Rice – but beyond that, it was absolute junk. At least Oliver Stone wasn’t outlandishly critical of the administration or loose with the facts.

Regarding the build up to the war, the movie was pretty much in line with the generally accepted narrative – he didn’t over exaggerate the administration’s duplicity and he made Bush appear like a genuine guy; inept, but genuine. Worth seeing I suppose, but it better not win any awards…

I think the movie was more of an overview of his presidency and such, it was supposed to be unbiased and then you could make your own decision about Bush.

Have you never seen an Oliver Stone movie before?