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Went to Gold's Venice


One of our old trainers, Joey Gloor, took me to Gold's Venice last week

it was bad-ass!! met Charles Glass, Monica Brant, Dexter, Michael O'Hearn & some other really cool peeps

any true iron junkie needs to go grab a workout there

just sayin.... woot woot & all that jazz



I will keep this in mind for my next trip out in Cali.

Did you see Pauline Nordin?


Fuck you.


WHat has you all upset guy?


I want to go there but don't have a reason to go to LA area anytime soon and not making a trip just for that. Did you eat anywhere cool around there, like the firehouse?


I'd love to have a time machine and use it first before I visited. Say...1975.


Well is it like they say it is, or did it reek of douche?



That's me in front of the place a few years back. I was kinda disappointed, it just felt like any other gym aside from the pics of the greats on the wall. The gift shop was huge, total tourist trap. I also checked out "The Cage" on the beach, it looked old and nasty.


I lived in LA for a bit back in the late 90's. Before I officially moved out west, a friend of mine had to go out there for business. So I went along, and in between the rare 'meeting' he had to pop into, we trained at the outdoor section of World Gym.

Amazing experience, being able to see and smell the ocean, seeing the bit of rust on the DBs and thinking that these are the same weights that Arnold n Franco may have used... Golds was a huge tourist trap in so far as the store section was enormous. The gym however was equally vast, and seeing the old life size posters of past greats on the walls was pretty damn cool. We hit up the Firehouse restauarant (of course) and I got to see Gary Strydom eating breakfast. Even mostly covered up, his melon-sized calves were potruding from his shorts, and just blew my damn mind.

Great experience, of course I'm sure I'd get much more out of a trip now, even though the 'glory days' may be gone by some people's thinking. I think my own mindset, as a competitor compared to my former gym rat-ness, would make a big difference. Gotta talk the girlfriend into a meat-head west coast vacation :slight_smile:



it was really cool guys... the feeling I got being there was, It's Back!! (kind of a strange feeling considering I've never been before)

Glass was training Dexter & a couple dudes, I couldn't name them but there were some really high level fit or figure chicks in there makin it happen

Platforms, Power Racks, the outdoor area is more of a Sports Performance Area - the place had WAY BETTER energy than I would have guessed too

& yes.. The Firehouse... Best Menu Ever.


Here is 1


Here is another


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