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Went to Dinner with Imhungry


So I meet up with imhungry at a lobster house. What does he do. Dives to the bottom of the tanks and eats all the lobster. Then he would not get out of the tank so we feed him steak. I took a pic.... Cause you know it did happen


Guess he was hungry.



Then he invited me to swim at his place with his bitchez! I told him I would stay far away cause I sure they would eat me alive. He was cool with that and said more pussy for me.


This is his bro. I kinda thought he was retarded or really drunk. He bragged about squatting 1014lbs for 3 reps. I personally think he needed a helmet and short yellow bus.


This is imhungry after a few beers. He was showing off by doing some deadlifts. This is his victory face.


That animal has Downs Syndrome. Is that what a Liger look like?


Here is some chicks that hang with imhungry. Now we know why he is hungry all the time.


And a good dentist.


Thats why we have professorX in house. He will fix it :slight_smile:


This was my last pic that turned out. This is imhungry showing his technique for over head barbell press in water. I was impressed. By this time he was smashed oh well I had fun.


You said I was the only one!?!?!?!

I never.


You're right, I did say that, and you were.....

Until you said that you never.....so I had to find ones that did.


`Hey, it was time for me to eat, and the damn food was taking too long! I like my food fresh, too.

Dirtbag thought ahead of time and ate before he left. His bitches made him a turkey sandwich with bacon, and a pickle slice.


This is true. They looked at him like a piece of meat.

That was some hairy pussy, though....


That's my bro, Tony. He's a "special" tiger, who's always in a good mood, and everytime someone says something, he'll yell, "that's GRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!!" It's pretty funny, but it does get old after awhile.

He's a strong son of a bitch, though.

Dirbag couldn't stop laughing at him, because he kept sticking his tongue out and drooling. Plus, he was giving him shots of 151, until he puked in the pool. Not cool at all.


A few?? How about 20!?!?

You were talking to the bitchez while I was getting my drunk on.

You were getting too much attention, so I had to do some deadlifts to show my animal-like prowess to show who was the dominant male was. I was feeling Grrrrrrrreat!!.

I puked right after. (this is known now as doing a "PMPM")


Those chicks are FREAKS, I tell you!!

They beg for me to piss on them so that everyone will know that they're mine. Jesus, do you know how much water that I have to drink just to keep them happy??

I did see dirtbag chatting them up. They just might give him a run for his money, as long as he stays hydrated.


Hey, as long as you continued drinking after, everything is good in the hood. Animal. (^:


You can't see the barbell because it's about 4 feet in the air.... Now that's explosive power!

I had a good time, dirt. How about a good rib place next time and i'll treat, but you gotta bring your bitchez. Sound good?


Of course!! I had to catch back up to DB.