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Went Through Rough Patch


just recently found out that a lot of my issues with my sleep and such were caused by depression, am now 3 months into treatment and feeling better than i have in years!
lifting is getting better, shedding fat, playing more sports everyday!
anyone else have similar experiances?


I have experience with depression but not with getting help for it. If you don't mind me asking, what have you done to improve the situation? And congratulations on you new outlook on life!


I have bouts of depression and I'll tell ya it's nothing to just dismiss cuz we're big tough guys. I have problems with my appearance even though all my friends say I've almost got a models face, I'm pretty buff, and I'm by far the best athlete when we play rec sports together. I think my dick is too small even though I'm just over 7" and my girl loves our sex life. I have a good job with outstanding potential in my field, but I still think other guys have more money and are therefore more attractive.

Like I said before everyone around me thinks I'm lucky and special and all that. Here's the thing though...you have to believe it yourself and you have to be happy with yourself. A high percentage of guys would trade places with me in a heartbeat and be happy as can be, but I can't seem to consistently believe that.

I'll note that tons of uber successful people are the same way. This type of personality can result in drug abuse and anti socialism. This is why athletes and big time guys financially fall into these pitfalls of doing dumb shit.

Glad to see you're getting it turned around. Just remember life is a beautiful thing and your situation could always be much. much worse.


I've read before that high intelligence and successful characteristics are often accompanied by depression.


dnlcdstn yeah i know what ya mean about physical traits thats my biggest downside, and i am really enjoying the new outlook im gaining
setto222 it took a lot of self convincing that i should seek help, my family always raised me to believe that showing pain or sadness was a sign of weakness, so when i went in for help with sleeping i got reffered to the pshyc department, i took 4 different medications to find one that worked but once we did find one, that along with forcing myself to get out, interact and play sports really improved life for me and where did you read that?


How long did it take you to go through each medication?


lorez each medication was tried for a month at a time