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Went Running, Now Slight Knee Pain


Thank you ahead of time for your input it's always valuable and appreciated. So I did a stupid thing 7 days ago: I went running. I am studying abroad in Rome, Italy and was having trouble getting to a gym because they require you to get a physical from a doctor to make sure you don't have any major health issues. The guy I am staying with suggested we go for a run and I thought why not, some activity is better than none.

Ran about 4 km at an easy clip and did some stair work, no problems. Following that we were able to get into a gymnasium and do some rope climbing, still no problems. The next morning when I woke up I noticed there was a slight twinge on the medio-lateral side of my left knee. It can best be described as being between my femur and tibia but on the lateral condyle but not so far as the LCL.

The first day it only hurt when I would flex my knee to about 160 degrees or thereabouts (basically where I would land if I were jogging) but pain free with continued flexion. Walking up and down stairs and on flat surfaces irritated it but it wasn't unbearable. I have experienced no knee-locking or other inhibition of full ROM save the little tweak at the slight flexion.

After two days I tested body weight squats and felt no pain at all through the ROM (presumably because I have my Oly shoes here and used those to ensure I could sit back on my heels, keeping the sheer stress off my knees). As well, I can do lunges with no problems. Now a full week later I can walk up stairs and down stairs without pain, though more than 2 or 3 flights will start the tweak-feeling again.

I still have pain when I walk on flat surfaces, though. And it only occurs right at that minor flexion point previously mentioned, and as before if I were to completely flex my leg and bring my heel to my glute there are no problems at all. I don't think you can bruise a meniscus and the lack of swelling or knee-locking and the ability to do BW exercises without a problem leads me to believe it's not a full on tear.

I understand that this area has very poor blood flow so it may just take some time to heal. I am trying to baby it as well as I can during this time. Thinking back when I would descend the stairs I would always step (not jump or any type of rapid eccentric loading) down with my left foot first (osgood-schlatter on the right so I try to take pressure off it when I can) so I don't know if I put too much rotation on the joint a time or two or what, but so far that's my only lead (aside from the repeated impact while running), and like I said I didn't notice anything abnormal at all during the activity or even for about 4 hours after.

If anyone has had anything similar to this I would be interested in hearing your story, treatments, time to heal, likeness of symptoms etc. The only supplements I am taking are Fish oil (Omega-3s) and Flax seed oil (more PUFAs) at about 12g a day. Once again thank you all for reading and please let me know if I left out anything that could help with your diagnosis.


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Thanks, I figured some RICE would help. And it's a good thing I brought a lax ball with me! Much appreciated.