Went on 10 Day Vacation and Forgot My T

I am on TRT 50mg 2x per week, this keeps me at the top of the lab range.

Foolishly I was in a hurry and forgot to pack my TRT stuff, I’m away for 10 days and I have a friend who lives at my destination, he has some T but it has Tren in it and Masteron,
200mg Test E, 100mg Tren and 100mg Masteron per 1 ml.

Would it be ok to take this once just to keep my levels up? I don’t want to crash but at the same time I’ve never had tren or masteron.

Today I will have already missed two 50mg jabs so my levels will be getting low.

Can anyone please advise?

I’m unable to get a source from a pharmacy here as it’s Europe.

You’ll be OK. Don’t stress it, I doubt you will crash that quickly. I wouldn’t take your friends ‘blend’ and just wait until you get back.

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I suppose everyone is different and some seem to be very sensitive to fluctuating levels. I think you’ll be fine.

As an experiment, I missed a couple of injections to see what the “crash” felt like. By the end of the second week, I could tell I missed an injection, but didn’t feel terrible. By the end of the third week, I noticed it more, enough that I ended the experiment.

On the other hand, at your low dose it would only be 25mg each of the other two, which I doubt would be enough to cause anything crazy, or at all. If you’re that worried about it, take a 1/4 mL.

It took me almost 10 days of missed injections before I even felt tired, so try not to think about it and I bet you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t get near tren.


You’ll probably start feeling tired after about a week after your last injection. If it were me, I’d just get back on schedule immediately when getting home.

Happens to the best of us. Happened to me when we went away for the Labor Day weekend. If you have international health insurance try to see if you can get it there. Otherwise just use your friends and try to enjoy your vacation.

Lets see… You forgot your weed, so now you want to substitute with weed thats laced with PCP. Smart! Call ur doc and see if they will send you an ampule or something. Otherwise go about your business, and start treating TRT as medicine.

Just take shot when you return and stop stressing. You prob won’t even notice it.

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I agree with all these guy’s…if you’re on Testosterone cypionate…the half life is so long its unlikely that you’ll notice anything in just 10 days…

Enjoy your vacation!