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Went Off TRT for 3 Months, Starting Again

Blood work tested 473 Total and about 10.7 Free back in 04/02/21

I pretty much lost my drive and motivation at the end of PCT 3 months. Confidence is fucked as well.

Ran HCG 1k once week and clomid 25mg EOD FOR 10 weeks after my 4 months on 200mg
Went in w 200mg RX
Test was off the charts and so was E2. Never took AI. I’m hoping back on but going forward with .4ml instead of .5ml.

I was having to many mood swings. I am Deff running .5 Anastrazole on injection days.

Going with insulin needle this time as well.


27yr 1/2. 205lbs. 14%bodyfat
Fairly clean diet. No smoking or drinking alcohol either. No pot or other drugs. Just occasional cigar

Edit. Diet is. 4-5 Eggs in morning w ground turkey
Lunch half pound beef organic w broccoli and potatoes and same thing fir dinner. No dairy

Assuming by what you wrote that you will be taking 160 mg/wk in two shots of 80 mg. I think your Adex dosage is too aggressive. It is more powerful than many think. You should try the lower dose first, then add in the Adex if you need it. If you need it, start with half of what you are proposing (start with 0.25 mg twice a week). For each protocol change, get blood work done for TT, FT, and E2. So get bloods just on 160 mg/wk. Then if supported by blood work and how you feel if you need the Adex, start low wait 6 weeks and more blood work.

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Thanks dude. I’ll have to break them into quarters. I Deff need it. I was up to 250 estrogen levels. And my test was well over 1500. I’m talking multiple thousands. Which is insane from 200mg

Thanks for the dosage breakdown. I couldn’t figure it out lol

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I am blasting right now, and I am using 0.25 EOD of ADEX with 900 mg/wk of Test. We are all different. I feel pretty good. Holding a bit of water. Blood work for me is in a few weeks (only been blasting for 2 weeks). If E2 comes back pretty high, and I don’t want the water weight, I may increase to 0.25 ED.

It is a PITA quartering them, but worth it.


Yes I get bloods about every 6 weeks. My RBC was flagged. It was 6.0 with max being 5.0. So I got scared and stopped

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It does sound like you convert more to E2 than me. On 200 mg/wk my E2 was 84 (not sure the units or if we are using the same units). If we are, you do probably need some, but ramping up over time with blood work is the best way to do it.

I am guessing my RBC is pretty high right now. On cruise I don’t have issues though. You don’t want that high all the time.

Yea dude my E skyrockets all the time. I’m super estrogen prone. Like super. I think we are the same scale. I’m actually going today to pick up my blood work from 10weeks Hcg 1kiu and clomid 25mg results. If they’re good. Then I’ll stay on the hcg. But I just feel shitty ahaha

You sure that isn’t total estrogens? And what units are we talking here?

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Hey I yes it was totals. Not sure what the Estradiol was. I’ll have to edit that. My test now is

I’ve been on HCG for 10 weeks. Test is at 792. I’m staying on HCG. Not going back on TRT “ I’m to young right now. And my Free test is at 24pg/ml with a max scale of 26,5

Great that you are eating so cleanly.

One comment:

It seems you are having one serving of veggies a day.

I did not particularly care for veggies, but that was not the issue:

There seems to be a consensus that several servings of veggies a day (particularly of cruciferous veggies) are the way to go and also that berries, although they have a bit of sugar, are important to consume daily.

The benefits were so good that, over time, how I felt about veggies changed.

My 2 cents

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Am I right in saying this was your PCT at the end of 4 months running testosterone?

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how many weeks after you finished PCT (clomid) you tested 473ng/dL of total testosterone? you’ve decided to get back on TRT because your T levels were much more higher or because you have secondary hypogonadism?

so that “HPT axis shutdown” caused by HCG monotherapy is just gibberish? everyone told me if you are forever on HCG, your LH receptors get down regulated and your T levels won’t raise anymore.

Is there any visual implications injecting it long term? I’ve a pituitary microadenoma and the package leaflet says it’s a contraindication taking HCG injections. Well, clomid messes real bad with my eyes…that thing is a poison.

may you tell me more about you dosage, any side effects?

HCG 1,000iu a week. One shot weekly however I am going to split it into 2 shots soon. I was on clomid as well but it made me to emotional so doctors said it’s fine. I stopped cold turkey. My test levels went up from HCG. Obviously I don’t feel as good as being on 200mgs of Test Cyp. Side effects I’m. NOT sure yet. I recommend following Drs orders.

What is your end goal anyhow?

Edit. No I tested 473 prior to any treatment

Yes correct.

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I appreciate this post. Much love

I’m not into bodybuilding, just want to keep my T levels between 700-900ish. Clomid did that (1100ng/dL) but that nasty drug is awful for the eyes. Never again. Well, the vial contains 5.000 IU, so what could I do? Assuming I could give it a try, like you do…after all, 10 weeks and still responding very well, then this LH-like hormone can be used as monotherapy.

Man, I wish I could get my hands on test cyp, but here in Brazil doctors control hormones like crazy…you need prescription even for breathing lol

The idea of TRT does not makes me happy because it’s forever and ever, but standard protocols like 200mg every 2 weeks will roller coaster my T levels. I’d rather rub some gel or injecting HCG like you’re doing.

BTW, how do you store the rest of the medication? Apologies for my ignorance, I’m a newbie trying to learn and treat my somewhat mid-ish Tlevels .

It’s actually not insane. I once tested at 1500 from 10 grams of Androgel and recently tested at 990 from 100 mg T cypionate.

Yes, you will get shutdown from HCG. However people who take it for hypogonadism already have a problem.

The notion that LH receptors get down regulated is a myth. There are men on HCG mono therapy at doses up to 10,000 IU per week for years.

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