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Went from Twice to Three Times Weekly. After 7 Weeks, It's Worse

I’m curious about others experience. I went from 60mg TC 2 X weekly to 40mg three times a week, and waited 7 weeks, no AI. Since going to 3 times a week no libido and ED. Blood came back with higher TT 1049 (264 - 916) and FT 26.5 (7.2 - 24.0), and higher hematocrit 51.3% (37.5 - 51.0).

On the previous 60mg twice a week my numbers were TT 906.6 same ranges (labcorp), FT 24.4.

I know people have commented that more frequent were better for them. Anyone ever have the opposite experience where less frequent worked better?

You are injecting with greater frequency and aren’t seeing the same decline in levels as a result and this is why levels are higher. Your trough levels are likely higher as well, so in reality your levels are higher more often than they were injecting twice weekly.

I get that of course but I would think with high more stable level libido would improve not disappear.

When switching protocols, it’s usually a good idea to keep everything consistent for at least 8 weeks. If you’re injecting 3 times a week, you’re not using consistent intervals if you’re injecting MWF.

Honestly i think that injecting the same days matter the most.

i do always think about this however with MWF injections, it seemed kind of clunky.

@tony6 try EOD afterwards and see if it makes a difference.

Im injecting Tue - Thurs- Sat evening. Thinking of going back to 2, Wed am - Sat evening. Had decent results there and a 900TT, Now Im at 1047 TT and feel zero. I think I got greedy, with the attitude of more T has got to be better. Been at this a year and a half and read a ton, should have known to be happy where I was. Overall real happy with TRT, but fine tuning is a real time investment with plenty of frustration.

Dude unless you blew up your ball sack or something, i don’t think its that serious.

You didn’t get greedy, you got curious and tried something out.

Sometimes in life we make decisions and they don’t work out.

Why not try to feel better if you can? No big deal.

You can experiment with other protocols especially since you have your default now.

But if it aint broke, dont fix it. Balls in your court bud, no problems either way.

Yeah Barryallen1, Thanks. I get it. Im old school… if one is good, two has got to be better. It doesn’t work that way with hormones. Thanks for the comment.

I recently switched from twice a week to EOD and I have felt better already at the end of week one. Hoping It stays this way.

Don’t get discouraged if you feel worse before feeling better. After I switched from every 3.5 days, to EOD, it took a good 8 weeks before I felt great.

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