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Went from 200mg Cyp E6D to 200mg E3D, Same Numbers in Bloodwork

I went from 200mg Cyp E6D to 200mg E3D but when I got labs my T and FT were almost the same numbers. Any Idea why doubling my dose didn’t change my labs?
Just FYI other than a AI I am not taking anything else.

How long were you running e3d before the blood work was done?

I have no idea other than it might take a week or so to “show up” in blood work.

Oh sorry I should have said in first post Been on TRT at 200 e6d for years then new doc bumped me up to 200mg e3d I was on it for 3 month’s. When he told me he was going to give me the extra I was stoked I only felt a little difference and then when my labs came in the same I was really puzzled, Dr answer was to lower me to 180mg e3d…? I am not sure about the new Doc, I liked that he gave the higher dose but he really doesn’t seam to know what he doing. I am just confused because I would think 400mg in 6 days should be more noticeable and change labs a lot, I did mess up my AI some by taking to much and bottoming out my E but corrected that about 3 weeks before labs my E came in at 17.5, FT 34, T 1300+ I for get right now.
Thanks for your help