Went For A Ride

in an ambulance to the hospital yesterday…

My husband and I decided to do a 2 week PSMF diet and started Tuesday. I ate 4 meals of protein and lots of veggies, took a small dose of E/C in the morning, fish oil and drank 3L of water. Our last meal was about 9pm.

Wednesday morning (nothing yet to eat or drink) as I was standing at the kitchen counter getting my son ready for school I felt really nauseaus. I put my head down on my arms and next thing I knew, came to flat on my back on the floor. My husband said my eyes rolled back in my head, I fell hitting my head on the cabinet and I shook for 10-15 seconds. He called 911.

The fire truck, police and ambulance all came and even though I was feeling better, they insisted I go to the ER. I was wearing a bathrobe, hadn’t washed my face, brushed my teeth, my legs are hairier than an ewok’s right now (shaving is a bitch with a broken finger) - how embarrassing.

They did an ekg, cat scan, blood work and urine test and didn’t find anything wrong. I had low blood pressure (which I do normally). I have a history of fainting in my teens and thru college, but haven’t in at least 10 years. Nobody seems to know why it happened.

The spot where I hit my head is still pretty sore and I have a headache and feel a little wiped out, but other than that I think I’m ok. I feel bad that I scared the crap out of my husband and worried the kids.

I was so freaking hungry by the time they let me go (around 1pm) I scarfed down a big steak and cheese sub. I think my body really likes carbs lol.

Not sure why I posted, just having a little pity-party I guess. Kinda freaky when I stop and think about it. I broke my pinkie finger 2 weeks ago playing hockey. This afternoon I get my finger checked and will hopefully get a smaller splint so I can go back to work. sigh

Anything like that can be very frightening particularly when it is unexplained. Hopefully it is an effect of the diet. low blood pressure and nothing more.

I’ll put on a hat for your pity party. I have weird shit like that of my own so I can appreciate your anxiety.


wow, just glad your okay.

Scary! Be careful, and I’m glad you’re okay!

Glad you’re okay!

It all seams to be a guessing game when it comes to finding out what is wrong with a person.

Take care!

Glad you’re OK.

Don’t worry too much about scaring your kids. Your boys will have a great story to tell their buddies at school. It’s not everyday that a fire truck, a police car AND an ambulance come to the house to take mom away in her bathrobe and bunny slippers! You’re a celebrity now, so you better shave your legs.

Thanks, guys :slight_smile: I’m feeling better as the day goes on and my headache is gone. My finger is healing well so I got a smaller plastic splint today and she said I can try playing hockey and working with it. Onward and upward…

wow! That’s crazy…glad you are fine now.

Glad you’re feeling better, Jilly!

I’m glad you’re all right, Jilly. The shaking would have terrified me if I’d been there. Are they/you calling it a seizure?

Jilly, WTF?

Wear your hockey helmet next time!

Hey Jilly ~

Yikes - do you have a follow-up scheduled with your doc? Scary. I hope you’re feeling better than ever today.

Strength to you!


Jillybop bop bop

Hope you’re feeling better.

oh man that is really scary! I hope you are feeling better. If you can’t have a pitty-party here then where can you have one :slight_smile: I would be really scared, your one tuff cookie.

oh I was going to say not too fell too bad about scaring your kids, I am sure they have given you a few heart attacks

Sounds similar to my 10 year old daughter. Not the eyes rolling back but the passing out. Her blood pressure is low. She is currently on a high salt diet with lots of fluids (mostly water) and seems to be doing well. She was having an episode every other month or so and more recently until the diet change.

Thanks again, guys. I’m feeling better, no more episodes.

I’m guessing there was basically no salt in my diet the day before and wonder if that affected me. Something to try to be aware of, jsdool, thanks.