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Wenning Minimal Manual


Does anyone have any experience with Matt Wennings Minimal Manual?


I don’t, but if you are interested in using the conjugate method for raw lifting then he is probably the best person to listen to.


Yeah that man has a ton of training knowledge; its basically a guide for working/busy men training to get strong 2 days a week. The only thing that is confusing is it is an Upper/Lower split, Monday and Thursday, I wanted to see if anyone had results with that style.




I have ran that exact style for years. Very occasionally would go up to 3 days a week under another coaches guidance but for the last 4 years the very large majority has been training only 2 times per week with a upper/lower split. Have also experimented with doing squat and press one day and a Deadlift and press the other day for little extra volume. Both worked really well. Managed to squat 800 plus raw, 403 bench and 655 Deadlift at 220-230 bw doing so.


I talked with Matt at the Arnold a couple years ago and was talking to him about his style of conjugate training. The guy is very smart. I believe he is an engineer as well.

I’ve done 2 days/wk when I’ve needed more recovery but I don’t do an upper/lower split on the same day. I’ll squat/bench one week and pull/bench the following.

Give his 2 day program a try. I’m sure you’ll benefit.


I was looking for info on conjugate for raw lifting and found this pretty good article.

Matt Wenning has dvd on conjugate for raw and is making a second one coming out soon.

Thought this could be useful to OP