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Wendy's Commercial Techno Song Video



I'm eating at Wendy's from now on...


Wow... I might never give you a hard time for your politics posts again. BRAVO!

I now feel an uncontrollably urge to purchase a masonry drill...


I liked that song when I heard it on the commercial, but that just brought it to a whole different level


Okay, women obviously need to use heavy duty power tools more often...




great video. women with tools are always hot.
but i gotta admit that i hate it when djs and house artists get known for a commerical or a funny scene in napolean dynamite.


I thought that was the worse commercial ever until I saw that! She is so much hotter than Dave Thomas.


So in watching that link i saw no refernce to Wendy's, lol...Good God that was the most overplayed song two years ago, but you know its time to burn the vinyls when Wendy's uses the song as a commerical. If you just enjoy watching hot, scantly clad girls gyrating to euro, house, or trance, check out the ministry of sound (UK) videos.

They are more 'mainstream' in the terms of electronic dance music, and show you what 'good' DJs are playing in Europe, not what shit you hear here in most US clubs.


I sent this link to a network engineer buddy of mine who proceeded to foward it to all the other guys in the office... for the first 5 seconds they all were like dude why are you sending me this techno... Dan you are very good man.


So which one was Wendy?


I promise you that would be a perfect ad for Home Depot or Lowes to use.


I knew I saw this before. Vegita has it on his myspace page.

I would never have guessed it to be a Wendy's commercial.


I'm all over the one with the hammer drill!

whoo, woo


Why does this not surprise me? :slight_smile:

I believe it was the song that was used in a Wendy's commercial. C'mon, do you think they were really gonna trade Dave in for these honeys?


Haha! yes actually this is on my myspace page. for all you who don't have me yet, it's, www.myspace.com/vegita .... Duh!

Actually, I have to give a little credit to RITjared for this, one time he called me out on my ability to find pictures of hot chicks and so he requested naked hot chicks or nearly naked hot chicks with power tools. After I found several cool pics including one involving two girls, a power drill with a dildo bit and some chocolate, I finally stunbled upon this video. To tell you all the truth, shit like this gets me hotter than "most" porn.



I agree man.. it sucks when any person of substance only gets noticed due to a gimmick....

but lets not lament the fact forever.. how about that Eric Prydz video!!!

http://way.to/ride.it for those that havent seen that one yet.


i love aerobics!


Amen, brother. Ever since I went to the actual Ministry of Sound club (where it all started) in the UK, back in the early 90s I became a big fan of them.

The US is indeed a little over 10 years behind Europe in Dance Music, but things are improving, not only with some decent dance radio stations in both SF and NYC, but also with some decent clubs in both coasts, and some more TV exposure -- even the other day I heard the classic "Firestarter" from The Prodigy in CBS' Numb3rs...

I've always found somewhat interesting that most serious lifters tend to prefer Hard Rock or Metal while training. It's no surprise -- those genres tend to elevate adrenaline levels, which increases strength, with a crash that is pretty violent, with a decent surge of cortisol that increases blood sugar levels. Sounds good, huh? Problem is that the increase of cortisol can last up to 24 hours. Plus the same type of music promotes the down regulation of serotonin, which can cause depression.

My favorite type of Dance Music (Trance), on the other hand, does basically what Spike is also supposed to do -- which is increase Serotonin.

Maybe the ideal is to combine the two, e.g., with some types of Rave music -- The Prodigy being a good example.

Talking about Trance, if you like Trance also, run out and buy Paul van Dyk's Politics of Dancing 2. Best Trance album EVER, just out. No wonder Berlin (his home town) is the World's Capital of Electronic Dance Music...

Sorry for the long post, it's hard to find people here who like Electronica so I'm trying to fish for more... :slightly_smiling:


Oh yes, yes. Great video. Not so great song. I'm into the Happy Hardcore techno.