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Wendy McElroy on Fox (Monday)


Hey all,
I just wanted to pass along the news that Wendy McElroy will be on Paula Zahn's "The Edge" on Monday, 20 August (Fox News Channel). Wendy McElroy is the author of "XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography" among various others. She is also the propietor of the ifeminists website (no, it's not the man-hating feminism we're used to). In fact, due to the libertarian nature of T-Mag I think you folks will get a kick out of it. (Plus she's hot - and so is Paula Zahn for that matter.)


Wendy McElroy Rocks! Her philosophy is actually "individualist anarchist" and she
is a very insightful writer and thinker. I'd
recommend reading her stuff anyday.


Three cheers for ifeminism!