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Wendler's Thoughts on Frequency?

Does jim think its ok for nattys to train 1x a week or 2 times a week. For example 531 with BBB can be done for a 1 x frequency and a 2x time frequency by switching assitance exercises. Which would be optimal in terms of strength and hypertrophy gains or recovery maybe? Thanks in advance.

The one that helps you the most with the least amount of work. Go read the books, listen to the seminars and interviews, and use the search function.

Jim has said that, for 99% of the people he trains, they keep the same lift for the mainwork and the BBB work. Instead of splitting your focus for the day, do 1 lift and do it well.

Ive read in so many places including t nation that frequency is key, but i feel sometimes i dont recover well. ive been doing upper lower for ages and made some gains, im wondering what would happen if i hit a muscle 1 x a week, little hesitant though.

Remember that frequency is just one variable. People like to preach about frequency or volume as the king of the hill, but it is more complicated than that. There is sport specificity (weightlifters need to train the clean more often than a football player, since for a lineman the clean is just GPP), goals, training age, body proportions, stress, time and plenty of other things to consider. Frequency does not help you if your recovery or the quality of the sessions suffer.

And if you look more recent programs in 5/3/1, there is often added frequency with db-variations/assistance. There are also lot of full body variations which gives you the possibility to train lifts from 2 to 4 times a week. But it still does not mean you have to use frequency to get progress. It is just one variable.

Makes complete sense. But the amount of information is just confusing me so much ! Do i still follow an upper lower routine (doing 531 and BBB) or do i do the classic 531 where its basically a bro split?

Whatever you want, basically.

If you’re new to the 5/3/1, the beginner program could be also a good option. Just choose one program and commit to it for 2-3 cycles.

You should not be hitting a muscle group 1x a weel with 5/3/1

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so… your bro-split has you doing 50-100+ reps of one pull, one push and one single-leg or ab movement… 3-4x a week? okay then i guess 531 is basically a bro-split. read the books. How is the amount of information confusing? What are your sources and what exactly is confusing you?

Actually bother reading one of the books whole and pick a template that resonates.Then do it exactly as written. They all work if make an effort and understand the broad principles

I’ve never seen a 531 program that was a bro split. Besides, Jim preaches about training for performance. How many times you “hit a muscle “ isn’t relevant. I’ve gotten fantastic results doing the “full body” four days a week. Just pick a program and do it, don’t worry about that stuf. The squat and deadlift and then the press and bench overlap a ton of the same muscles anyway. Make sure and do plenty of upper back/lay work in assistance, and you’ll be good to go.