Wendler's 5-3-1 vs. Dante's DC

I am looking for opinions from lifters who have done either program…I’m looking to change up my current routine and stick with one of these.

I’ve checked out both programs and have access to 90% of the equipment asked for (some odd stuff in DC) at the gym. I’m 18, 180 lbs, 6’, 9%BF, lookin to go up in mass. Just finished a month cycle of creatine, got my numbers up a bit, now I’m looking to swap my plan.

What do you guys think?

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Those two training templates shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. DC is for bodybuiling- strictly. Wendler’s is for getting as strong as possible on 4 lifts- it’s more powerlifting or powerbuilding? than bodybuilding per se. Personally, I’d use the Wendler template and stick with it until it no longer worked (which will be a long way down the road). The Boring But Big accessory template would do you well for mass- you can throw in some bodybuilding type movements for good measure.

I haven’t trained DC- maybe someone else who has could chime in, but those guys are usually very experienced and dialed in with their nutrition and training etc. If Cephalic Carnage would respond that would help, since he’s done both programs in some form or the other over his training career.

So my vote is for 5/3/1

Anyway, it sounds like you’re not ready for DC yet, not by a long shot. It is a very comprehensive and encompassing lifestyle. It’s more than a simple training methodology, there’s nutritional, stretching, and cardio stipulations that go along with the program as well. Again… I’d very much highly recomemnd AGAINST doing DC or even worrying about what it is for a couple years.

As for 5/3/1… eh. Try it, see if you like it. Cephalic_Carnage has some good templates with the 5/3/1 system incorporated with some traditional bodybuilding training, but I don’t have any links.

Why not just set yourself up with a bodybuilding split… because mass is your priority?