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Wendler's 5/3/1 Spreadsheet by Jon K



The spreadsheet is at it's final version (1.3). There will be no more significant updates (only bugfixes) for the spreadsheet, because we are building an online version that will be much, much better. You'll be able to customize the templates, choose your own accessories and even use other programs like Madcow, Smolov and so on.

Please request an invitation at http://www.strongjournal.com - places are limited.

Over 13,000 downloads!

Hi all, I made this Excel spreadsheet tool a while back to help me keep track of my 5/3/1 progression and to reduce the time spent calculating numbers. Let me know if you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions.


Works with kg or lbs
Theoretical 1RM calculator
Choose your own increments per cycle
Re-order your workout and choose workout days
Rounding to the nearest multiple of your choice
Displays a full year's worth of cycles in a readily printable format (1 cycle per page)
Statistics page with graphs to track your progress
Fully customizable
Boring But Big Schedule
Weekly 1RM
(New in 1.3) Save logfile for uploading to StrongJournal
(New in 1.3) Cleaned up formulas for easier modification



[Latest: v1.3]

Download: http://www.strongjournal.com

Screenshots (from 1.28) : http://imgur.com/a/Oov63

For any queries/suggestions please direct to jon@strongjournal.com


Jonathan, I've been using lifting spreadsheets for years. I've made my own, I've downloaded others. Yours is frankly the best spreadsheet I have ever seen.

If I didn'thave so much historical data in my old spreadsheet, I would move over to yours.



where do you control the cycle-to-cycle ramp? i see that it adds 10 units tp every cycle.

I see 1RM tracked as a static progression(5-10 lbs per cycle), instead of tracking the top work set weightxreps. so it looks like your statsd page is just the projected 1RM based on CycleX's Core Lift 1RM.

An option to enable the weights to display as full weights (instead of weight per side of the barbell, minus 45lbs.) would be helpful, as would using the round function to the nearest 5lbs, ans not using decimal places at all.


Hey Gawd,

Thanks for the input! I'm glad you liked it.

I thought about your suggestions and they made a lot more sense than just projecting 1RM. I've also included the full weights option and rounding as requested. I also added some fancy graphs.

The spreadsheet is now unlocked for greater customization - however please do not modify cells with black text unless you know what you're doing. Enjoy

(Link on first post)


This looks great, but I am trying to figure out a couple of things:
(1) Second tab, column a, why does it say "24:00:00", "48:00:00" etc
(2) When I enter in the number of reps in the "pr set" section, it reformats it to a time rather than #?
(3) What does cell a2 do as it looks formatted to time as well?


Thanks! I re-uploaded a fixed version - let me know if you still get the same problem.

(Link on first post)


The last improvement I can find is the ability to move the exercise days around. I can't see a way to do it without moving all the different workout layouts, and that's a lot of work.


You can already do that on the Inputs page - see cells B21 to B23



Your weekly workouts begin with Squats on your first day. Mine begin with Military Press. Even changing the exercise order in A2-5 didn't re-order the workouts on tab 2. So if you don't have the same exercise schedule, you have to pull apart and re-order (including re-working the formulae on that page when you do move the different exercise blocks around).


Yeah I know some of you are going to call me a dick for this but basically you are giving everyone free, what Jim is asking 20 bucks for.

Maybe I am just not understanding what your intention is here.


Ah I see. That is actually pretty easy to solve - I've re-uploaded a spreadsheet (same link) that should work for you. Thanks for spotting so many of my mistakes!


My intention is merely to help lifters who don't have the time/patience/knowledge to create spreadsheets. It's meant to be a supplement to the book and not a replacement. And if you google it you'll find plenty of other such spreadsheets so I don't see what the issue is


Sorry, I'm a software/IT/Project guy. It's what I do :slightly_smiling:


I think that the OP isn't really stepping on Wendler's toes with this...

Half of the reason to buy Wendler's book is to grasp the reasoning behind it all. I think that the Spreadsheets are just a tool to use when following Wendler's philosophies.

Great work, I wish I'd found these when I started 5/3/1.


there is a 4 part thread on here discussing the program, I am guessing that "gives away" more than this spreadsheet does


Great excel skills!

I created one for myself that I thought was pretty hot, thanks for killing my ego!

As far as the sheet "giving it away," I don't know that it gives away more than anything else I've seen on this site. I mean, Wendler's very own "531 reloaded" article laid it out, and a alternative to it, pretty well.

In any case, for those who haven't got the book, the numbers are only a small portion of what your $20 gets you. There's alot more to the book than this basic template, and you'd all be well advised to get it.



Since your spreadsheet is so well thought-out and so well organized, I'm moving over to it. I'll likely use some external pivots or Access or something to work with my historicals and the current spreadsheet.

I think I found a minor bug. Your 1RM calculations on the stats page are set to setsxreps, instead of another 1RM calculation formula like =[weight]0.03333[reps]+[weight]. I'm making the adjustment now.

Also, our rounding formulae are just a little bit different somehow. Given the exact same input weghtsxreps-military press, 170x5-mine produces the following for the 5/5/5 week:



Yours produces:


Seems minor enough to me, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Here's the formula on the sheet I've been using for a few years:

=CONCATENATE("5x")ROUND(([90% 1RM]0.65)/[smallest increment of weight],0/5)[smallest increment of weight]

So it uses an increment of weight (5 pounds) to aid in the rounding.

Again, thanks for a really nice spreadsheet and to being open to making changes.


Love the spreadsheet, its awesome. Thanks a lot for it.

Anyway you could update it with the rounding correction that the previous poster mentioned?


I would agree on the rounding correction r maybe make it an option; I tend to round down until I get to 2.5 or over.


Great spreadsheet. Any chance you will make one for those of us who only do 2 days/week with no deload week?