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Wendler's 5/3/1 Help


Im having some trouble understanding this program. I know people have started it without the book. I understand their is 4 days, a Bench, deadlift, squat and military day. I just can understand the reps or amount of sets I do. The way I would like to do it, is like this,

Monday: Bench
Tuesday: Squat
Thursday: Military
Friday: deadlift

I think it would be better if someone could just copy and past a spreadsheet of the reps, sets and waves. Thanks!



i dont wanna be rude but the a entire thread with about 30pages to read and if you dont understand the program after it …

Also there a few log of peoples doing 5/3/1…


You could always just buy the book. Or search 5/3/1; someone linked to some elitefts.com pages from which you can figure out the program, if you can’t buy the book. I doubt Wendler would appreciate someone sending you a spreadsheet that replicates info in his book.


Would you like some free Biotest supps and a handjob as well?


Support those that support you and buy the book.


As someone that has already purchased the book my recomendation is that you go support EliteFTS and purchase the ebook.


This ranks as the dumbest thread in the strength forum in a long time.

Seriously, WTF?


[quote]Food wrote:

I think it would be better if someone could just copy and past a spreadsheet of the reps, sets and waves. Thanks![/quote]

I think it would be better if you bought the book or did some digging. If you don’t want to expend the effort to look at the first page or two of the big ass thread on the same page of the forum as this or enter your credit card number in on Elite and buy the book, then you probably should find a new hobby.


Why would you come here, to this website, asking questions about a program that was never featured on this site, and written by an author who has never been published on this site? Why – oh why wouldn’t you post your questions on the actual site where this program and its author reside?


Buy the book, you bum.


jeez, its only 20$ and you get it straight away


Getting the book would be one of the best investments you could make towards your training