Wendler's 5/3/1 Conditioning and BJJ

Hey guys just wondering what you thought of lifting and right after conditioning usually sprint work then bjj later at night…will I have enough time to recover?

Well, this depends on what you’re trying to get out of the whole thing. I think that from a recovery point of view that you may be overloading a bit, but that’s going to depend on how hard you roll, what you do for conditioning, and what day of 5/3/1 you’re on. There are ways to structure your training where the off days you’ll get as a result of this schedule outweigh the tradeoffs you’ll have to make to keep from getting hurt.

From a technique point of view, when you’re exhausted you have to focus more on technique to get things right, but your muscle memory builds faster. My training was based around pre-exhausting muscles before learning technique, and it gives me confidence to know that I can execute my full range of techniques effectively when I can barely lift my arms. YMMV.

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