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Wendler's 5/3/1 - 3 Month Challenge

For those that completed the 3 month challenge or who know more about it than I do,

I have a question. So im on month 3 , week #1 and as ppl have noted, its brutal as hell. So brutal that for my 5x10 accessories, i havent been able to complete full 10 reps on sets 3,4,5 for any of the movements despite long (4-5 minute) rest periods.

Should I lower the weight slightly? I need guidance! Thanks in advance

If you really can’t then lower the weight, it’s more important that you complete the set. Build some muscle that’s what it’s all about. Like a pyramid set.

Yes lower the weight. The first time I tried this I ran into the same problem and had a rude awakening when I tried to go to heavy.

omg why didn’t I think of that!

So the best suggestion would be to start off with the prescribed weight , do as many sets as I can with it and then pyramid the weight down?

Instead of sticking to 5x10 I made it my goal to get 50 reps.

For example, if my five sets went 10, 10, 8, 8, 7 reps… That’s 43 reps total… So I’d do another set or two until I got the last 7.

I did the whole 3 months last year and its what took my squats and deadlifts into the 400’s @ around 175. You can either drop the weight or pyramid down as mentioned. In wendlers new beyond 5/3/1 he mentions the"rule of 50" where your goal is 50 reps with the weight.

But when I did the program I made sure to hit the 5x10, you should focus on the main 5/3/1 components first and foremost. I always considered the 5x10 a secondary movement to the main lift of the day but it is still technically accessory work. So put most of your energy to the main lift and drop the weight on the 5x10, also use the 5x10 time as extra technique work