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Hey Jim,

Huge fan like everyone else.

I've heard a ton of your interview around the net and met you before at EliteFTS. I really like your philosophy on life. Are you thinking about writing a book on something more meaningful than just training?


I have known Jim for a while now. I have trained with him, talked about random stuff and learned a lot about music from him. I can tell you that his book about his philosophy on life, etc. would either be a very long comedy or a very short article. One of the most important things I have learned from him and continue to try to apply to life(not just training) is very simple....SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING YOU CAN!!! Sometimes it can't be done but when you simplify everything else, the things you can't become much more manageable.


He has always been polite when responding to my questions, and has been more than patient with some of my stupid thoughts. He comes off as a "no bullshit" kind of guy. Respect.

I am more interested in his musical choices, as his training philosophy is easily bought or read for free online (there is at least 3 templates written on this very website). His method and some creativity have done wonders for my lifts and overall size. Boring But Big has been the greatest thing since his grilled cheese idea.

Does Mr. Wendler plan on doing more with Locus Whip?

What are his thoughts on Fear Factory and Machine Head? Static X or Children of Bodom? Unearth or Diecast? In Flames or As I Lay Dying? How about Disarmonia Mundi? Or maybe...TRIVIUM!?!?!?

Has he discovered Viking metal yet?


I have a huge outline of an NOV book - it is mostly written to my sons so if I die in a horrible accident in the near future, they can learn what their dad thinks. Just a way for them to hear my voice and my thoughts without hearing it second hand.

Whether or not it gets done to be sold, I don't really know. We have a new book we are working on now and the business stuff we have going on keeps the me and Juliet very busy. Plus, ya know...I have to have time to play music and do stupid stuff.

Life is too short to be worried about work all the time. We all need a near-death experience to tell us that - we can read about it all the time but until you experience something "hard" you will never know.

Hmmmm... experience again trumping reading about something? Seems familiar....


We already recorded (Locust Whip) a bunch of stuff and need to go back and re-record the stuff and put out an EP. I think we have 5 or 6 songs complete (at least the layout and music, not the effects/noises/screams). Our goal is simple - to out heavy Buried at Sea.

I'm not a fan of any of those bands you listed - but to each their own. If everyone regarded Indian as high as I do things would be boring. I don't like Viking metal unless you count Bathory. Not my thing at all.


If you look and read closely you can decipher the philosophy on life very easily.
1.) Keep things simple, keep what works, discard what doesn't
2.) Have patience, good things come in time
3.) Perserverance, that which is worth it is not easy
4.) Failure, not an option, learn from it, keep going
5.) Support, this forum created to support our own efforts
6.) Betterment, as good as you are, you can always get better

There is probably more, but this is what I take just from reading the training books. They double as a philosophy on life manifested into iron, steel, muscle and sinew.


Hey Jim, Ive been using 531 for over a year at 6mos I had to stop deadlifting because of my lower back. You told me to squat in place of my deadlift day. As my tmax gets higher my lower back keeps getting worse. I met a power lifter at the grocey store and he said its most likely due to a weak core. I never did a lot of core work cuz I dnt care about a six pack. BIG MISTAKE!

I feel like I should start from scratch and just do a lot of core stuff and lower back work w out weights. Like reverse super man's and stuff. Do you think this is a good idea? If so what should I do as far as core excersies? Louie simmons said train the core standing up but I haven't been able to find any examples.


Firs of all, I have to say...GO SEE A DOCTOR IF YOU ARE HAVING BACK PAIN, preferably an orthopedic guy who works with powerlifters.


This post is useless without a few things.

  1. Your numbers.

  2. Your symptoms. (Ex: I have shooting pains measuring 8 out of 10 from my lower back to my knee when I get to parallel.)

  3. What kind of gear you use. (Completely raw, belt only, belt and wraps, single ply, etc...)

  4. Your template.

  5. A video of your form on squats and deadlifts. (If you can make on safely.)


You need to see a doctor, have your injury properly diagnosed and rehabbed by a professional. Internet injury advice is a liability and dangerous for everyone.


A lofty goal indeed.


Jim -

Stop by the T Nation Guitar Player's thread and talk some gear.


How's that Sunn treating you?


Thanks for your response Jim,

I'd be very interested in having even an unofficial version of this book for your sons. There are very few people left with common sense anymore and it is great to be reminded of it from someone that does.


Lofty, but not impossible. It will happen.


We might need to start a music thread in here for the 5 of us that like the real heavy.


Jim, I lift in my garage and have several bars (okie dl, Texas pb etc.). What is the best way to keep the bars from accumulating rust. I have the problem especially with the okie bar around where I grip and inside the knurling. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Been using 5/3/1 for quite some time and have a great deal of respect for you. Thanks.


I would clean up your bars, remove rust with wire brush, wash em off, and get them ready to paint. Personally I take the collars off my bars and spray paint the bar with a high performance enamel paint. Don't go over board as you want enough to coat but not enough to fill the knurling. The spray paint I use is about $10 is matte black, and the bar might have to be touched up in a year. This approach does not work well with the collars. I leave those bare steel and use 3 in 1 oil on them regularly. Oh, to clean the chalk from this bar, use a nylon brush else you may scrape the paint off.

You may not want to spray paint your bars but I find this approach if done right aids in the grip and I never have to worry about rust.

Otherwise, if you don't do this, rust is part of the game and some people like the finish it brings. Rust won't destroy the integrity of the bar since it's mostly surface.


Let me know if you do. I am searching for new bands currently, and would love to expand my selection.

I started with classic rock, and moved to a few of the newer bands like A7X, BFMV, Slipknot, 5FDP, etc.

That got old, and they are all selling out/putting out shit albums now. I moved on to more of the bands I previously listed, but I need more. I can't get into a lot of hardcore, or speed metal bands. I am trying to get an appreciation for it, but I just cant for some reason.

I love talking to A7X fans though. They always go "Dear God is such an awesome song." I like it too, I will admit, but I think their old stuff was more of my cup of tea.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has listened to the band Cassius.

I want to find more info on them, because I do like this song.


None of those bands ever put out anything better than shit if you want my real opinion.

Here, if you can't get into this, there's nothing else I could post to steer you right.


Well that's a fairly arrogant subjective opinion but thanks for sharing.


Go for the "brown note" too. Ha