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Wendler vs. Sheiko

I would like to see some feedback on who has done both Wendler’s 5 3 1 and Sheiko’s training systems to which ones gave the best results. I am currently doing the 5 3 1 and I have seen some pretty decent gains so far. Who wants to start this off?

I found a thread simular to this but it was for a guy that was starting back from a car accident. if that makes a difference or not? idk

Sheiko…but it’s a very demanding program

Wendler will tell you to do the program you believe in !

There is more than one way to skin the cat!

Wendler is easy to follow, not complicated…No special equipement and its kind of a philosophy on how to attack the weight !
I doubt someone working 40h/week with a family will be able to follow Sheiko…Sheiko very high volume !!!

I’ve done both. I’ve run about 25 4 week Sheiko cycles. I also did about 6 months of 5/3/1.

For me Sheiko worked better, however I think some people are suited for one training style over another. Also, people at different stages in their lifting career need differnt stimulous.

If you’re making gains on 5/3/1 then keep at it for as long as it still works. Once the gains stop, try something else. There will be plenty of time to try other programs in the future if you are in this for the long haul. Also, you will have plenty of time where you don’t make any gain so stick with the program that is producing results as long as you can.

p90 x took my bench from 405 to 165. Chicks only care about abs and veiny arms.

I have done both and had success with both. They are two very different programs. Sheiko is a lot of work and you will spend a lot of time in the gym. A complaint I hear a lot with Sheiko is that people get bored doing the three main lifts and don’t like the lack of variety. 5/3/1 is easier to customize to your needs and Sheiko is several set templates.

There are no deloads with Sheiko. You have to adapt to Sheiko instead of having the program adapt to you. The accessory work is very limited with Sheiko. Sheiko is a high volume program and some people do okay with it, but for some it is too much volume. You can get strong on Sheiko. It worked great for my squat and deadlift, but didn’t work so well for my bench. 5/3/1 worked great for all three lifts.

The nice thing about 5/3/1 is that I was able to adjust the volume to fit my needs on the squat, bench and deadlift. On squat I would follow up squats with front squats, on bench I would follow up with close grip bench, DB incline bench, and with the deadlift, I only deadlifted. Accessory exercises are a good way to bring up weaknesses and Sheiko doesn’t allow the flexibility with accessory exercises.

5/3/1 is going to be easier to stick with. You could just adjust the frequency of your lifts with 5/3/1. You could do this by having a light squat day on a deadlift day. You could always add another day of benching. Customize it and learn how to train yourself, once you figure out what works and how to manipulate it when you need to, you will do much better.

Thank you, very good information that has been given to me. I appreciate it!

Thanks, Aaron