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Wendler. Singles, Speed, Size

Hello T-Nation.

I’m new to this website, I’ve been reading it for years but this is me only just joining in on the forums.

I’m 27 years old. I’m sorry to say that I’ve only just discovered the great Jim Wendler. I’ve bought two of his books (5/3/1 and beyond 5/3/1) I’ve read them cover to cover and have began a 5/3/1 cycle. It’s simple and fantastic and I’m so glad to have been made aware of this guys work. Thank you Mr Wendler.

However, I think I may have got ahead of myself. I am very eager to do the 12 week cycle of Single, Speed, Size programme. I don’t consider myself to be in good shape. I’m not awful, but not good.

Do I need to be brought back down to earth and stick with good ole 5/3/1 or would it be acceptable to give SSS a good go? I’ve entered a Strength and fitness comp because as Mr Wendler says “Challenges set you apart and make you realise what you are made of”. The comp is in 12 weeks. It consists of


  • Axel lifts - Last Man Standing
  • Beer barrels and sand bags
  • and some sort of lung buster at the end.

I do not know the layout exactly. In my inexperienced head I’m thinking SSS may be great prep for me. I want to stay with the 5/3/1 way, because it sounds like Jim has put blood, sweat and tears into it and, to me, it is the most real and refreshing information that the training world has to offer in my opinion.

Any advice on what template to do to assist in my prep for this competition would be much appreciated, obviously I will be practicing the comp events also, but this will not be my main focus.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.


Are you planning on doing 5x10 on the Size component of the template?

How many years have you done the program?

Tsantos, yes. I had planned to do the template as is with the 5x10.

Hi Jim, I’ve been doing your programme for less than a year.

I disagree with this sentiment. Not saying don’t have balance, but you’re event lifts should be a priority. Anything other than your competition events are really just general physical preparedness.

x2 on this. Just did my strongman comp today and made literally 0 improvement on the log press despite hammering my strict barbell press like crazy. Specificity is key.

Hard to figure what does & doesn’t carryover per individual; lots to learn. I just pulled away from strict pressing 2 cycles out myself. Write up time!?

I certainly wouldn’t recommend SSS to you. SPP is important but if you aren’t very strong or have a poor fitness level, GPP is very important.

Perfect, thanks Jim. I appreciate that.

That’s noted mate, thank you.