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Wendler Shrug


In the 531 ebook he states that when doing shrugs you should do 1 or 2 warm up sets then an all out set of 20-40 reps similiar to kroc rows. I was just wondering has anyone done this? if so did your traps grow better then traditional 3 sets of 12.


Just trust that it works and you'll get the gains.


Anything that Wendler says is bound to be pretty truthful. just look at his music tastes...


I have worked traps like this for years, never knew there was a training protocol for it. I have success with this method. Will change it up and do other rep ranges and protocols, but I always come back to this method. Just make sure on the 20-40 reps it's as heavy as u can possibly stand and still have good form. I also do traps on deadlift day so they are always a little pre exhausted from the deads.


I'm thinking about implementing it on my 5/3/1 deadlifts days, let's see how it goes.


Why are you questioning it? His traps arethe size of Peewee Herman's???


Do you do lower reps for your deadlifting?


Just depends on the day sometimes low reps sometimes high.


Are you going to make a training log?


This, and someone please get him an invite to the T-Cell.


Is X the only one that can send invites?


Deadlifts and traps are great together.
Warm up sets of shurgs should warm you up for the deads 2 if you go heavy enough.
Then do low rep deadlifts with shrug at the top if possible.
Follow up with power rack deads and shrugs.

Then Enjoy :slightly_smiling:



i figured it out