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Wendler Classic Anchor Ideas/Conditioning Alternatives?

Hi Jim / Anyone who has run this program,

I train at home with access to a power rack, barbell, dumbbells, Airdyne and weight vest. I’d like to give the Wendler Classic template a shot since it fits my current goals and I have all the right gear for the leader portion.

I’m not sure what to do about the anchor though. Would there be an appropriate substitute for the three days of prowler/sled work? Keep doing weight vest circuits but add volume ? Airdyne sprints?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated so I can run this very cool template. Thanks.

How about a DIY-sled? Get a tire, fill it up with heavy shit, attach rope.

Air Dyne sprints would be awesome.

Since I’ve got you here Jim. Maybe the better question is what is the purpose for the switch from weight vest to prowler ?

I totally get the idea of increasing intensity etc. from leader to anchor but having never used a sled or prowler I’m not quite sure the difference from the weight vest work which to me seems a blend of assistance and conditioning.

That would really help me figure this one out. Unless Airdyne intervals was a good option… but I’m picturing you laughing at the idea of someone picking up an Airdyne and sprinting with it

I think you have your answer here.

Cool. Thanks all. Just wanted to verify that I understood the principle

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