Wendler 531, Training and AAS?

I presently am training for a bench contest in April. I am on my 5th month of Wendler’s 531. I decided a month ago to not train legs until after this meet. I take my HRT of 100mg a week of test E and 50mg ED of Tren A. My numbers were going up good until latley. I feel extremely exhausted and I cannot seem to make the 3X3 day for the last couple weeks.

My workout is bench, dumbell bench and dumbell row day, rest a day then do overhead, dips and chinups. I rest a day and start over. Overtraining or more AAS?

Question should I wait the full 7 days between bench and overhead? Or should I up my Test and tren? (Diet is rock solid, but sleep is questionable due to tren insonomnia.)

MY Present weight 190 at 40 years old body fat 15%
Present lifts—
bench max 325lbs
dumbell press 100lbs 5X8
dumbell row 100lbs 5X12
Overhead max 185lbs
dips w/100lbs 5X6
chinups w/45lbs 5X5


You are not following the schedule properly. Bench and shoulders are done once a week each. The workouts are NOT supposed to be 7 days apart either.

Isnt once a week 7 days apart?

Okay, YOU asked if you should wait “the full seven days between bench and overhead?” Again, NO, those workouts are NOT supposed to be 7 days apart. There should be 7 days between bench workouts and 7 days between shoulders day. I.E. bench every monday and do shoulders every thursday. NOT rest one, workout, rest one day, workout, ect as you describe in your first post. This is made very clear in 5/3/1. You do have the book don’t you?

Texmoto thats what I had ment, I just have a hard time getting out my thoughts into words. Sorry.

Im doing 5/3/1 as well - I would suggest you take a page from the book and if you are not advancing, and you are sure you are following the exact 3 week build up and 1 week deload, then your starting PR (real of theoretical) was too high - back it off 20% and start up again.

You will then track to a ramp of continuous injury free gains - which is what is supposed to happen.

Also if you are really over trained then drop some of the aux exercises you have loaded into the workouts - worst case - just stick with the pullups and cardio in the AM. Or drop it all for one month.

I have had excellent gains on squat, bench, and military. Deads I have had to drop back twice to keep out of range of potential injuries and you you dont want injuries from deads - you will get everything from hernias, to pulled muscles.