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Wendler 5/3/1 Program - pt 2.


Since I just filled up the other thread I figured I better start a new one...


The original thread can be found here; http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/wendler_531_program?id=2383059&pageNo=45


Just to make it more official, Part 2!


I don't know if it's changed my life ... I don't get that deep into the psychology of training. It definitely goes down as my new favorite program to pimp though!


"Hello Jim,
Due to Shoulder issues I will be performing your program without the Military Press and Back Squat. I know Front Squats are a fine substitute, but what do you think...BB Row or Pull-up as substitute for the Military? The only problem I can see - besides truly not following the program - is that BBB would be quite challenging with the Pull-ups. I will also use the three day template as I feel the grip/possible low back and ham fatigue from the pull-ups or rows would take away from the other lower-body lifts.
Thank you for your time,

Joe - You can do either the Rows or the Chins. If you want to do the 5x10 with the chins (but can't do it) just one of the following:

  1. Do 5 sets of X
  2. Do 50 total reps (anyway possible)
  3. Do some other kind of lat exercise for 5 sets of 10 reps

No low back/grip/ham fatigue from chins. From rows? Yes.

Jason Pegg does rows.


Thanks Hanley and Crankman



I am wondering if and how this new revolutionary device will be included in your much anticipated, upcoming (hopefully) YOKE manual?


Also how would this work with 5/3/1 and the progression springs? "

This is an abomination. Heathens!


This is interesting. My whole life has been about removing excess and being simple. While it is not necessarily a lifestyle, the program has roots in my own philosophy of life.


"Just a quick note on my 5/3/1 progress. I started at the end of last August and am on my 11th cycle right now. Every year my buddy runs a fun little push/pull competition at his gym.

Last August: Deadlift 545 (missed 555 at knee), bench press 315
Today: Deadlift 585 (missed 600 above knee), bench press 340 (missed 365 off chest)

It's working! My highest deadlift in training was 525. I try for (but don't always make) a reps PR every month and they add up over the long haul. I also didn't deload/taper for this meet as I wrapped up my 3x3 week on Friday. Just took it as a fun testing day and it payed off with 2 meet PR's.


This is amazing. Great progress.


Going great so far.

275x1 Front Squat (old pr 250): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amik9T9yTAk
130x6 Military (old pr 135x1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU7ipp9ThBY

I also pulled 330x6 from a 4 inch deficit (best regular being 335x6 and 425x1)- haven't maxed on DL in a while but it should be good!


Ok that makes sense. Maybe I was talking from my arse ... Maybe it has changed my life and I didn't realize it - I've gotten much stronger, lost fat, became [relatively] faster, and spend less time at the gym.

I'm just finishing my 11th cycle. I've never had this much fun, with such long term results. The longest program I've done was Starting Strength for about 9 weeks.

I love to lift, and lift to live another day.


Making great progress with 5/3/1. I think the next book should come with a required lifting soundtrack of Abominable Iron Sloth, Unearthly Trance, Black Cobra, Soilent Green, and Sepultura. All together, I'd say they're good for at least 15lbs of carryover.


i love 5/3/1.

i woke up this morning still sore from squatting on Saturday. glutes, hams, and sides/obliques from doing db side bends (id never done them and apparently went too heavy). nothing was extremely sore, but just sore enough that i was questioning whether doing Deadlifts today would work.

halfway through my workday today i bent down to an imaginary bar and did an imaginary deadlift. i could feel the soreness, im fucked i thought.

at some point i decided fuck it, its 3 x 3 day, ill just go in get the prescribed reps and call it a day, dont push the last set.

got into my warm up sets, things just started to feel right, hit my last set for 10. oh yes. good workout.


since i have only one good elbow, i am also eliminating the pressing as far as 5/3/1 goes. my upper body pushing is done for reps and hypertrophy only.

i am doing the powerclean, deadlift, and box squat. to break a conventional pull pr(previous is 620) next month.

second cycle started this week after a deload of sorts.

btw, Jim, i solved my "PROWLER HOWL" problem. bought a 1 inch thick kitchen cutting board(plastic type) and cut it to fit the prowler skids. bolted them to the skids and recessed the screws about 1/4 inch. no screeching, and a smoother ride.




Did I make it in on the first page? I know I made it in Wendler!



Being the stupid over-analyzer that I am, I entered my third week reps/weight in a 1RM Calculator, and, as expected got weights around my actual 1RM. After I read the old thread (well, not all of it) again, and reminded myself about the philosophy of the program, I realized how stupid it was, and now I'm going back to training.

Happily beginning the second cycle.


You are wise.


Looks like you jumped out of the closet at just the right time!

We are having a huge BBQ at the next UGSS in July. I expect you to drink more than you eat.


Is that even possible?



After reading much online, I bought the e-book. I am enjoying the format/progression. I've been lifting on/off since I was 14 (am 38 now). Boredom had often led me to switching programs frequently and not making much linear progress over time.

This program seems to be just what I need for long term progress. I just started my second full cycle yesterday and I really feel that I can ride this program out for the long haul on the big lifts. (I need to do something - my 14 1/2 year old son has been lifting for about 8 months and is already dead lifting 335 for reps/ squatting 265x5/bench 175x4 (long arms like dad)).

Thanks for e-book and checking in on these forums!

/DL = 340x6: S = 305x6: Bench = 220x6: Press = 145x5 (blah)


Oh yes, trust me I've seen done. Granted the effects are what I would call...bulimic.