Wendler 5/3/1 for Hardgainers Assistance

I have a question about the Wendler 531 for Hardgainer program: should I do the same assistance work every day? Like dips and pull-ups on all 4 training days? Or maybe better on two days dips/pull-ups and push-ups/curls on the other two?

Best to use some variety - don’t do dips every training day.

I am splitting it Chins/KB Bottom Up Press, FatBarCurls/TriPress, DB Bench or pushups/Cable Rows, then I leave the fourth push pull for whatever I am feeling for fun on the friday(lot of times more chins because I am weak in the area). I keep it flexible though to stay engaged although the intensity and mental focus is still lower than the big 4 it still taxing.

Lot of time I superset the work too. Tend to throw in single leg work on Monday and Thursday when it calls for it. Have some imbalance I can feel that definitely benefit.

I have completed my first 6 weeks now and did dips on two days per week at 5 sets with 10 reps bodyweight. I’m now at my dealod and doing 3x10 BW.

Should I go 4x15 BW or 5x10 with additional 5 or 10 KG on my next 6 week cycle?

If dips really get you off why not both progressions? Was a similar theory Jim wrote about on pullups although there were 3 progressions, volume, intensity and then max reps I believe. Since you’re doing two days of dips (if I read it right) progress one on volume and the other on intensity. Generally though I’d say change it up though to 1 day of dips, but that might be because they bug my wirsts/shoulders. I like DB Floor Press a lot of a pushing movement that doesn’t get love.