Wendler 5 3 1 and Turkish Get-up

I want to incorporate Turkish Getup in my training, which is Wendlers 5 3 1 system.
I´m not sure how to do this(maybe this should be part of the warm up?), or how much I should do it(5 x 10 seems a bit much?).

I train abs on every one of the 3 days a week I train, so this will be a supplement to Leg raises 5 x 10 and crunches 5 x 10 the other day. I know the TGU is more of a total core exercise than only an Ab exercise.

I would appreciate if anybody could share theiry experience with this exercise done together with Wendlers 5 3 1, thx.

use it the same day as the deads as an accessory lift. or the day after. just not before.

other then that, think of it as more of a conditioning tool at first and try it out on several days and see how it makes your other lifts feel. one you know how it effects your other lifts you may be able to better understand any weaknesses in your lifts and chose better accessory lifts and know better where to place this exercise.

That´s good advice. Thanks!

I use them all the time on my MP day, I feel it is a whole body exercise, but I feel it compliments the MP well.

Sets of 5, finishing all reps on one side before moving on to the other is how I do it.