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Welsh Nationalism


This is being discussed on a different thread, so I thought I'd post it here so's we don't ruin the discussion of the middle east.
As far as I can see, this is not a 'world' issue, but it is political.
It's also a disagreement between two groups of idiots who have much more in common than either would like to believe, like residency on a tiny island in the north sea.

Not that I can talk, I've got a foot in both camps. I speak the language, try to treat the local culture with respect, etc. but both of my parents are english, and I was born in England, which makes me an English immigrant in the eyes of the locals.
As an 'immigrant', you more or less expect to be treated with antipathy bordering on hatred. My family moved here during the worst excesses of the Thatcher era, and rightly or wrongly we are blamed for them. Despite the fact that my father and mother both voted labour.

I've tried to see this from the other point of view. Maybe this is a personal failing of mine, but I can't think my way into the skull of somebody who honestly thinks immigrants into his country should be banned from owning land.
If anybody cares, you could comment here.


My family came to America because our Land was taken from us by the crown 1600's. I am Welch by decent, but I am 100% American.

So you are saying you have to be Welch to own land in Wales?


Not yet.
Plaid Cymru supporters have been advocating a 'deddf euddo' for decades now.
This literally translates as 'property law' and would constitute that the welsh have an exclusive right to the land in Wales.
Were you able to prove your welshness by descent, in theory, you could buy land in Wales.
In fairness, it's really targeted at 'second homes', which supposedly price the locals out of the property market.
Tell that to us English living here, and we'll laugh in your face.


Is Wales a separate country (Principality), albeit within the political union called the UK? Yes
As such, should the Welsh make their own rules as they see fit? Yes
Does it matter whether you - an Englishman, or I - a Scotsman agree with those rules? No


Yes it does. It's called 'democracy'.


Yes 100% proven. In fact my family were royals in the 1200s. Lords to be exact.


I'm afraid the property law wouldn't make you king, though. It'd mean you could buy land in Wales.
You might end up with mine. I'd be homeless.


well, its a constitutional monarchy, which is close, but if the majority of residents in Wales want to make such laws, then fair enough


I know I would not be king, but it is nice to know I might be able to buy some property in the Mother Land one day.

You said the law was more about second homes. Is where you live a second home?

Anyway we are speculating right now. Parliament and the Queen would never allow this to happen.


Damn Straight. God save our gracious queen, our country 'tis a thee, hail to the pope.

No. It is my home, the place where I conduct my business and the kennel of my dog. But that wouldn't make any difference to the more bloodthirsty ones.


RE: Welsh Nationalism

With government spending accounting for 70% of Wales's national income and far more being spent than being raised by tax, how is Wales going to fend for itself?

Scotland may have a credible exit strategy via oil, Wales has what?


It isn't, and you haven't even mentioned the distinct lack of arable land.


Royals? A lord is a noble, not a royal.


That is what I meant. I knew someone would remind me. My brother did all the research, but it looks like our family land was taken, but we can not find why. Maybe because we backed the wrong royal.


Same situation happened with my mother's family in the early 1600s. The duke was stripped of his lands in England, so his sons came to the colonies, one of them on the Mayflower, the other two on another ship.


My mother's side has ties to someone on the Mayflower. My father's side came to Georgia or South Carolina.


How the hell do you guys find this stuff out? I don't even know what my great grand father's name is...


interwebz...We also have a family Bible that is like 300 years old that tracked all of this. A 4th cousin of mine has the actual Bible. May family still gets together every decade in Georgia for a hooge family reunion.


This is the old Roman strategy of divide and conquer. Plaid Cymru are an establishment party and therefore not to be trusted any more than the treasonous Labour party. This is why they "race bait" to stir up ancient resentments towards the English. Whilst they pander to the muslims. Who are now are now a larger ethnic group in Britain than the Welsh.

The English that are moving into Wales are merely repeating history. Whenever England has been invaded by foreigners the indigenous people have fled west to Wales or North to Scotland. If Plaid Cymru were to succeed in cutting off this escape route, the English would have no other choice but to quit Britain entirely and move to another country.

The end game is not one that will be favourable to the Welsh. When it comes they will wish they had English neighbors who could help them fight back.


My grandfather had a genealogist trace the family's history back to the 16th century. A descendent of the brother that came over on the Mayflower fought for the British during the revolution, was a POW, and then was expatriated after the war to a colony in Canada. One of my grandfather's ancestors fought in the Civil War, again for the losing side, unfortunately, but his brother, my great-great grandfather, was an Indian fighter who eventually married a Cherokee woman and settled in the Oklahoma territory.

Fascinating stuff. You ought to look into your own family's history. Surprising what skeletons you may unearth.