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Wellbutrin and TRT

Hi all
Has anyone ever used Wellbutrin in addition to TRT to help w libido and depression?

Or has anyone used Wellbutrin and if so what are your thoughts specifically on libido and erectile functioning

I have. I’m currently on 150mg per day.

The only time i noticed something, and it may NOT have been wellbutrin, but about 10 days in from starting it. This one glorious day: MASSIVE libido. Lasted about 5 hours. COULD NOT GET sex out of my mind. It was the weirdest experience.

Like literally couldn’t stop thinking about sex.

Never happened again.

Long have you used it
Are you on TRT still?
And what did you use Wellbutrin for?
Depression and libido?

Used it specifically for libido. It hasn’t really worked in that regard, but i stayed on it for the little extra bit of energy i get from it.

Yes, on 44 mg test e3d

How long have you been on?
My doc gave me 150mg sustained release each morning

I don’t want it to negatively effect me more so I’m cautious

It’s a pretty safe drug. I wouldn’t worry.

I’ve been on a year or so. I may go off it. Just not raelly that much benefit i see.

Hey @lbc2020 if you ever have problems with bowel movements… one thing I noticed with the wellbutrin when I was on it is wicked constipation. So, stay in front of that however you choose.

Haven’t taken it yet

I was on Wellbutrin for something like 3 years before TRT and quit two years after TRT (5 years total I believe). 300mg XR and then 450mg XR. The first year was great. It helped with depression some, gave me energy, increased libido and overall was a great experience but it eventually stopped having such a positive effect. I upped it to 450mg XR but that didn’t do much. Ensenada I dropped back to 300mg about a year before TRT and about 2 years into TRT weaned myself off with basically no withdrawal symptoms or negative issues and was easy to get off (SSRIs were devastating when coming off).

Been on Wellbutrin for three days

Haven’t really noticed anything from a libido standpoint
I know it’s only been three days

Anyone have bad reaction to Wellbutrin?

I doubt you’ll have a bad reaction. The only thing i noticed was it was a bit harder to sleep. Just take it as early as possible. Right upon waking.

I started at 100mg, and on the 9th or 10th day i had amazing libido. Just for like 4 hours. It was soooo nice to feel again. But then poof. Gone, never to return.

What miligram you on?


I just don’t want it to cause impotence or something

It won’t. If anything, it’ll help.

It helps your brain recirculate dopamine.

Hope it makes you happier

Can TRT actually worsen ED?

Not sure how that’s possible but I read here it can

Sure can.

Estrogen too high or too low can have that effect.

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Wel my estrogen was super low before I started

It’s now mid range so I doubt it’s that

95perxebt is the time I can get hard with manual Stim and no porn

Sex creates so much anxiety now

Depression can dampen it too

Sleep Erections most nights the last month w daily cialis and TRT

Just need to decide if you continue TRT just to be in the normal range even if it doesn’t cause a massive difference in symptoms

I am on Wellbutrin for about a week now, 150 mg. I feel like I have more energy now, no huge boost in libido however. But I read it can take 4-6 weeks to get the full effect.

Why are you taking it?