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Wellbutrin and Ephedrine

My doc put me on wellbutrin 2 weeks ago, and when I asked the pharmacist he said I shouldn’t take ephedrine while on it. Now I realize both wellbutrin and ephedrine are both CNS stimulants, but just how much danger is there really using both at the same time? I am dieting and would like to use 25mg ephedrine twice a day with 250mg caffeine. Anyone who can give me input, I would appreciate it!

Search Wellbutrin or Buprion on this forum; Brock Strasser strongly advised against ephedrine/pseudo ephedrine. You should even limit your caffine. Why would you skrew around with a drug that could lead to seizures-especially mixed w/stims? You would probably get away with it, but is it worth taking a chance with your health/life? methinks not.

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