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Well Wishes for a T-Nation Contrib

For those of you who don’t know, our own Mike Robertson is going in for knee surgery today at 2:15PM CST. Let’s show Mike our support and send some good vibes his way with photos of whatever brings a smile to your face…be it scantily-clad females, deadlifting, or (if you’re Dave Barr) pictures of kittens wearing funny hats.

I’ll start. Pictures of my 8,000 year-old dog make me smile.

Good luck in surgery, buddy!

Or, how about Andy Bolton with an all-time deadlift record of 935 pounds (435kg)?

Damn. Deadlifting is a lot more fun than surgery.

Hell yeah!

hang in there bro, you’ll be up at at it again in no time. Thanks for all the help you’ve given me.

This is Chi…at about 1 year old, I think.


I hope this offers some comfort.

Rumor has it that Mike has a bit of a man-crush on Peyton Manning, so this one’s for him. Actually, it’s more for me; Rodney Harrison is about to level him, and it’s a reminder that the Pats always seem to dominate the Colts. :slight_smile:

Not a picture, since I don’t have any with me, but this thing made me smile a few times. Best wishes Mike! Don’t go nuts with the jello!


haha, that video was great.

here is my boxer pup and cat. looks like my cat should have been a “boxer”.


Pic taken in Iraq. Marines crack me up, gotta love humor in a combat zone.

Hope all goes well with your surgery. Keep us informed.

Here’s a picture from our vacation in Mexico. Wish I was there right now. Sun, sand, cabana boys bearing cold drinks anytime of the day. You get the idea.

I seem to have misplaced all my lingere shots :wink:

But here’s one of my dogs, Bill and Arthur, 4 and 8.

My twin’s version of the Anabolic diet


If you start puking a lot after surgery because of the anesthesia, pot will make the nausea go away. Seriously.

Good luck man, been there a couple times. Can’t remember if you’re getting your ACL done or some meniscus removed. If the former, there is no better feeling than when you start to make some progress in the rehab.

Motorcycles make me smile. This one isn’t mine, but a girl can hope…

Oh, good idea…

Heal FAST!

… lift hard (not that kind!)…

Things could be worse Mike.

Did Cressey mention kittens in funny hats?