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Well That Was Weird


This thread celebrates all things weird.

Pictures, news titles and captions, personal stories and observations, videos...

Work place weird, ex lover weird, classroom weird...

Share your weird T-Nation!

I just discovered Samwell and find him hilariously weird, even if cheaply funny.




Say weird outloud ten times. It starts to sound really weird.


I did that with the word "sports" before.



I just tried it. It almost sounded like I was saying "Port" with a lisp as the s (ss, s' esses how the fuck do you spell s in plural form? WEIRD!) blended together.


Do that with "aluminum-linoleum".





We need a difficulty setting : NO ASIAN STUFF

I think coincidences are cool. I never think they mean anything, just cool.

One of the latest ones to happen to me was a couple of months ago. It was late night and Jaws: the Revenge was on...near the start the police chief comes into his office and the secretary says not much is happening, only Farmer Jones had some of his cows tipped the night before. The police chief asks what cow tipping is and the secretary tells him.

I figure I've seen enough and will come back later when the shark shows up and flip to another cable movie channel and Jeepers Creepers is on and I turn to it just in time to see two high school boys tipping a cow! This is about 30 seconds after it was mentioned on the Jaws movie!


Might as well name this thread "Well that was Japan"


I love it when that happens! Years ago I was listening to Offspring on cd and flipped to the radio mid-song. The exact same song was playing at the exact same spot.


Wife took this when were at a BB show in Dallas.


I have actually been involved in injury just like this when I worked ER, however the pole was through the guys jaw.


*Formulating a living will, ASAP!



I had something like that ..back in 1996 there was a song called "In the Meantime" that I liked and wanted to catch it on the radio (hey, it was 1996) I was reading a book and came across those words "In the meantime..." (I seem to recall it being a Mickey Spillane book for what it's worth) and so I thought I might as well check the radio and indeed it was on the radio, about 10 seconds in, which means it likely started when I'd read the words.

Another time after I'd seen Army of Darkness I was itching to use the line "Yeah...and I'll be a Chinese jet pilot!" (Ash says it at one point as a kind of "I'll be a monkey's uncle.")
I used to volunteer at my church's Sunday night bingo and there was one old woman that used to complain in light-hearted away about how she never won. I was ready with "Yeah, and I'll be a Chinese jet pilot" as my retort when I asked her if she thought she was going to win tonight......but once I asked her she if she thought she'd win she answered with "Pfft...Yeah right! And I'll fly to China!"
I nearly shit myself!


Hahahahaahahahaha worked ER for 14 years, I drive like a 90 year old man because of this. Makes you very careful in life when you know what will happen when you go to the ER.


I shit you not I was learning to play the guitar way way back and basically knew power chords and tablature.

I was fucking around with power chords and seriously wrote the future Green Day song "Brain Stew". It came out a few months later. Those Green Day fuckers had a record label though and lyrics.

The Law of Attraction dude. We have the magic!!


That's neat too!

Yeah, I have quite a few other coincidences. Like my sister's birthday is Feb.21 and one of my brother's is Feb 21st too (they aren't twins) and both have since had children (my nephews) and both of them were born on Sept. 9th, but also different years.

Also my mom and girlfriend have the same birthday, July 9th, but also thankfully different years!


Hey DJ... sorry to take this off-topic for a bit, but has there ever been a moment in the ER where something you saw was so awful, you almost passed out?